Do You Really Need Yearly Physicals?


The short answer? Heck yes! We know that the hour or two you spend at the doctor's office may be better spent squeezing in a workout, whipping up a healthy dinner for the family or enjoying a little time to yourself, but that visit could literally save your life! Most people do not make an extra effort to arrange a yearly physical, even though missing out on a couple of routine tests could have serious ramifications. These appointments give physicians a chance to map your health, address any concerns you may be having, and screen you for any potential dangers that may be lurking! Take a look below to see just why your physical is important to squeeze into your hectic schedule!

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Physicals identify potential health problems. Physicals include screenings for a whole plethora of health-related issues. Some of these are probably familiar to you:

These tests ensure that you are either a-okay, or that you receive the care you need to regain your optimal health. Regular physicals allow your doctor to locate any potential problems before they become serious, and offer you any guidance should you have concerns. Taking this preventative measure may be crucial in helping you and your family live a long, healthy and happy life.

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Physicals alleviate unnecessary stress. As if there are not enough stressors in our lives, worrying about our health or our children's health is one anxiety that can be crossed off the list! Annual appointments allow people to let go of any unnecessary health concerns and bring peace of mind to many patients. So if you are especially prone to stressing about the little things, a yearly physical will help put you at ease!


Physicals help you build stronger relationship with your physician. If you've ever experienced that moment of panic when you are signing in at your doctor's office and you cannot, for the life of you, remember the name of your physician, it may be time to make more of an effort! Scheduling an annual physical gives your physician the opportunity to put a face to a chart of numbers and notations, and allows you to get to know your doctor on a more personal level. Familiarity with your physician will make those appointments a little less tedious, and will allow you to express any concerns with confidence that you will be taken seriously.

Physicals give you the opportunity to think seriously about your health. Often, we do not take the time to really consider whether our lifestyles are necessarily healthy. If you are putting off a yearly physical, it may be because you are not really prepared to face some hard facts. Perhaps you should be watching what you eat a little more carefully, or maybe it's time to think about joining a gym. Regardless of the reasons, scheduling an annual physical will help you to think through the changes that your body is facing as you grow older. While doctors can offer a lot of support and assistance in living a healthy lifestyle, it is ultimately your responsibility to take your life into your own hands!

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Overall, it really isn't a big deal to take a couple hours out of your day once a year to stop by and visit your doctor. It's important to make time to take care of yourself so that you can be there for your family in the future! For more information on annual physicals, check out our sources: Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital, Masonicare, Benefits Solutions Group