De-Bloat With These 7 Foods!

If some meals leave you feeling like an over-inflated hot air balloon that could explode at any moment then you are not alone. Bloating is a common side effect from certain foods and excess sodium. We’ve rounded up seven foods that will help you deflate and feel skinny jean ready in days!

Water With Lemon. Don’t skip the fluids because you think you are retaining water! Your body actually holds on to water when it's fearful of dehydration. Hydrating your body with water allows it to feel replenished, and the lemon is a natural diuretic which will help digestion. Try Skinny Mom's Slim Down Detox Water!

slim down detox water recipe

Beans and Lentils. Often times, a depletion of potassium and fiber and an excess of sodium leads to bloating. Replacing sodium-packed foods with more potassium rich foods like beans can reverse this effect.

variety of beans and legumes on table

Yogurt. Yogurt, specifically yogurt with probiotics can help reduce bloating. Since many people have lactose sensitivities, using yogurt, which has enzymes already broken down, rather than straight milk is a better option.

woman eating yogurt in kitchen

Tea. Teas that are made with ginger, peppermint, or fennel tea can help eliminate gas and aid in digestion. Want a great detox tea recipe? Click here!

skinny mom detox green tea recipe

Salt-Free Seasonings. Swap pre-packaged seasoning for fresh or salt-free seasoning options that aren’t packed with sodium that leave you feeling puffy. Try dry herbs like dill, parsley, and basil to add enhancement to your dishes.

taco seasoning

Low-Carb Options. Choose one slice of whole grain bread for sandwiches and swap out white rice for brown rice. High carbohydrate foods cause your muscles to store glycogen. Glycogen causes your body to store 3 grams of water for every gram of glycogen. At Skinny Mom, we love to use spaghetti squash as a tasty carb alternative. Try our Spaghetti Squash Tacos and Spaghetti Squash and Turkey Meatballs!

spaghetti squash tacos recipe


Fresh Fruit for Sweet Treats. While trying to deflate may tempt you to choose sweets that contain sugar alcohols (artificial sweeteners like xylitol, malitol, etc.) these substitutes are absorbed by your GI Tract and can lead to bloating and excess gas.

bowl of fruit salad

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