Cool Kitchen Products You (Probably Don't) Need

Sometimes our kitchens are organized chaos, sometimes only chaos. The cupboards may hide your [...]

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Sometimes our kitchens are organized chaos, sometimes only chaos. The cupboards may hide your beat-up pans from college camping trips, but that's ok. Lots of kitchen products are durable and last for years, even if the stains scream that they've seen better days.

Because of the resiliency of our cookware and the fact that we take great care of our kitchen utensils, most new kitchen products on the market are glanced over for other more important necessities. But, in case you were wondering, there are some neat gadgets out there. If you want to let your inner Giada De Laurentiis out in the kitchen, perusing some of these new products might entice you to really spruce up your countertops.

Coffee grinder: If you're a busy mom on the move, chances are you don't have time to freshly grind your own coffee every morning. Folgers® will do just fine. But a coffee grinder can be used for various spices; heck, throw in a few different herbs and spices and make your own all-spice rub! Find one here for only $19.99.

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Rice cooker: Rest easy and worry-free with a rice cooker because this item will never burn your rice again. If you have a gas stove, you know the pain and discouragement that comes with burnt rice. Indulge in perfectly cooked rice without the stick or the mess, but be patient with the cook time. Works well in cooking steel cut oats as well. Spoil yourself with a rice cooker for $106.

rice cooker
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Food processor: No more slicing, dicing, chopping or mincing with this gadget. A food processor will cut up to eight cups of food at once, way more than that dingy food chopper that you smash endlessly with your hand. Your food processor goes above and beyond chopping though: make fresh dough, shred your chicken, crush ice for margaritas, you name it! This product is the trick to fast food preparation. Find one here for only $32.99.

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Non-stick mats: Making your own chocolate bars? Rolling out dough? Then the non-stick silicone mats are for you, and they're pretty nifty. Use less oils and butter when baking because your scones and fresh cookies come right off with no stick at all. The silicone is heat resistant and does not absorb any flavors. Easy to use, easy to wash and easy to store. Treat yourself for only $19.99.

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Wine corkscrew: While you probably already have a corkscrew (or seven) impress your friends by opening your bottle of wine in three seconds flat! What a party trick! This Metrokane Rabbit corkscrew is a modern feat of engineering with 31 different moving parts. It has a 10-year warranty and is estimated to continue working for 20,000 bottles of wine. It's a combination of function and modern style and you need it for only $45.36.

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Immersion blender: Thicken and emulsify your sauces, puree your soups and make delicious smoothies with this gadget! It's a two-speed and has a long stem to reach far into pots and mixing bowls. Dishwasher safe and disassembles with ease! Check out this one from Cuisinart for $35.93.

handheld blender
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Salad spinner: Tired of soggy lettuce? Invest in a salad spinner! This item uses centrifugal force to shake off excess water, which can hold germs and bacteria. Spin the water off any veggies before tossing them in a salad; now you can enjoy the actual dressing, not a watered-down version of it! Check out this salad spinner for $30.21!

salad spinner
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Vegetable spiralizer: Be the envy of all your friends when you produce perfectly spiraled zucchini pasta. This one, for only $25.84, has three interchangeable stainless steel blades for use with a variety of vegetables: zucchini, carrots, potatoes, turnips and squash. Whether you're making curly fries or are trying to forgo normal pasta, this gadget will add lots of vegetables to your diet in funky fresh ways!

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