Chocolate Treats: 200 Calories and Under Snacks

Chocolate Chips

We'll admit, we love having chocolate every so often. But chocolate is not so great for the calorie count. These are safe (super delicious) bets and most are well under the 200 calorie mark. ALL portion controlled with just one serving each so you aren't tempted to go back for more. These chocolate treats will leave you happy (yay for endorphins!), satisfied, and will keep you on the slim track.

Pretzel M & M's: You can go ahead and count out 58 plain M & M's that would total 200 calories... OR you can eat the ENTIRE BAG of Pretzel M & M's for ONLY 150 calories!

Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar: This dark chocolate isn't as bitter as others and we find it very satisfying. The entire chocolate bar is 180 calories.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Minis: 11 pieces for 200 calories. Savor each one and make them last!

Milky Way Fun Size: Two chocolate bars for 160 calories. Love these mini versions of the originals, and the portion control is done for you.

Butter Finger Fun Size: Two not-too-sinful bars for 200 calories!


Cadbury Cream Egg: A single Cadbury Egg, with all that delicious creamy filling, is only 150 calories!

So go ahead, take a moment for yourself (even if it is standing in the dark pantry while the baby on your hip is pulling your hair and your toddler bangs on the door) and enjoy some chocolate without all the guilt!