Chakras 101: How to Balance Your Mind and Body

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Our minds are powerful and intriguing forms. One minute we are feeling on top of the world, full of energy and motivation -- the next minute we are over-tired and stressed about the day's tasks.

Not enough sleep, your healthy diet has been off and you have a big presentation at work. All good reasons for your mind to be a little bit off. What if you could reset and recenter your mind and body without surgery, invasive procedures or supplements?

Reiki, Life Coach and owner of Chakra Spiritual Spa, Vanessa explains that through the spiritual practice of utilizing chakras, it is possible. "Chakras are part of the subtle body, not the physical body, and [they] intersect with nadiis or 'channels' in the subtle body." The channels are how energy flows through the body and when a channel is blocked, energy relating to every part of your mind and body are affected. If there is a blocked chakra, a sense of imbalance will occur and luckily, it can be corrected.

Knowing your chakras and how to develop them is an important part of keeping your mind and body healthy and balanced. Blocked chakras also prevent vital energy (prana) from flowing through your body, can cause illness or throw your focus off.

Chakras are like your mind's control centers that distribute energy throughout your body and its systems. Although our bodies have many chakras, a good place to start is with the 7 main chakras to fully utilize your chakras properly. "Because chakras cannot be seen, the best way to access them is through breathing and meditation practices."

Vanessa also suggestions affirmations to help you open your chakras, "Affirmations are a great way to begin your meditation practice. [Affirmations] will help you focus on each individual chakra. Guided meditation is also a fantastic practice, we are always learning and growing in meditation, even if you have been practicing for many years, guided meditation will help you focus on your chakra development."

The goal with affirmations, breathing and/or meditations should be to, "Unlock your chakras. When [chakras] are open, you allow yourself to experience love, happiness, health. You can live your best possible self every day by opening chakras.

1 - Root Chakra
Location: base of the spine
Affects: "The root chakra relates to our survival instincts and our sense of feeling grounded," explains Vanessa. This chakra brings us security and is our foundation.
Affirmation: I do, I am

2 - Sacral Chakra
Location: lower back and sexual organs
Affects: The Sacral chakra connects us to others and, "It brings us strong emotional identity." Your sexuality and creativity are also affected by the sacral chakra.
Affirmation: I feel, I want

3 - Solar Plexus Chakra
Location: area above the navel
Affects: Also known as the 'navel chakra,' "It helps us to have positive self-esteem and a feeling of being in control." This is where your power stems from, your will to be a leader.
Affirmation: I can, I do

4 - The Heart Chakra
Location: center of the chest
Affects: Your heart chakra is the one that you probably most understand, even if subconsciously. "It allows us to love deeply, feel compassion, and have a deep sense of peace and feeling centered."
Affirmation: I love

5 - The Throat Chakra
Location: Center of the throat
Affects: Just as your voice gives you the ability to express yourself, the throat chakra is,"Related to self expression and communication." If you are struggling to explain or find the words or actions, your throat chakra could be blocked.
Affirmation: I speak, I express


6 - The Third Eye Chakra
Location: Center of the forehead
Affects: Seeing is believing is not always true. Your third eye chakra allows you to see both physically and mentally. The ability to visualize the big picture.
Affirmation: I know, I think

7 - Crown Chakra
Location: Top of the head
Affects: "The highest chakra, our most dominant -- at times. The Crown opens your wisdom and understanding."
Affirmation: I am, I understand