Boxer Adrien Broner's Fiancée Confirms He's Okay After Suicide Scare

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Boxer Adrien Broner shocked friends and fans when he shared several social media posts strongly implying he was planning to take his own life. Multiple friends intervened, contacting police to make sure Broner stayed safe.

Fortunately, law enforcement officials, as well as Broner's fiancée Arie Nicole, have confirmed that he is safe, according to TMZ.

Early Wednesday morning, Broner began posting alarming remarks on social media, writing "I don't want to be here no more this s**t too much."

He then shared a picture of a handgun in a vehicle with the caption, "I'm going home I love y'all."

While the boxer is reportedly doing better now, his friends remain concerned for his long-term health and hope he will seek more permanent help.