Breaking Down Baby Strollers

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Are you shopping for a new car… or just a baby stroller? It basically feels like the same thing when you’re a new mom-to-be and faced with approximately one million different mind-blowing options. You casually and naively Google “best baby strollers” and within five minutes you’re hyperventilating and your eyes are crossing at the endless pages of search results. Stop. The. Madness. You shouldn’t have to be stressed now—in a few months you’ll have plenty of time to pull all your hair out once you have a screaming infant waking you at 3am. Therefore, take some of the anxiety off of you now by looking into some of our recommendations for best strollers to fit your every need.

We know that as moms (and really, just as women in general), everyone has their own unique opinion and awesome reasons behind them—so let us know what your favorite stroller experience has been!

Gym Rat Mama: BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller
Once your mini-me is here, you might have to kiss your coveted gym time goodbye. Squeeze in your daily workouts with this hugely popular jogging stroller, made with a swiveling front wheel for increased stability when running and a state-of-the-art adjustable suspension system providing a smooth ride for baby.

The Growing Family Mama: Baby Jogger City Select Single Stroller
This multi-talented stroller caters to your every need, as it can be a travel system, a pram, a double stroller, a triple or just a single, depending on your current status. The versatile design allows you to add a second or third seat if you end up having more than one small child at a time, saving you money on having to buy a whole new double stroller.

City Dweller Mama: Baby Jogger City Mini GT
Smaller, sleeker and lighter in weight than most, this accommodating model isn’t necessarily intended for jogging but more maneuvering you and baby around paths and trails of all kinds. It’s ideal for running errands in a city full of bumpy sidewalks and curbs, you can steer is easily with one hand and it’s super easy to fold up and stuff wherever you need to quickly.

Lover of Luxury Mama: UPPAbaby Vista
Have a little extra in your baby budget and it’s just burning a hole in your pocket? Splurge on this higher-end luxe version great for strolling and errands and super easy to use. Moms love it for it’s reversible seat option, the large storage section and its look.


No-Nonsense Efficient Mama: Britax B-Agile Travel System
The Britax line is known for its best-in-class for safety B-safe infant car seat, and now you can use that popular seat in this quick-fold travel system to meet all of your baby traveling needs. This stroller boasts a unique “click and go” feature to make combining your car seat and stroller the easiest, most flexible process while you’re on the go.

Minimalist Mama: Chicco Keyfit Caddy Carseat Frame
New moms with newborns in the very beginning stages of infancy swear by this lightweight, easy and secure click-in car seat carrier created specifically for parents looking for a super convenient way to travel with baby on super busy days. It doesn’t get any easier than a car sweat frame, sometimes called a “snap-n-go,” with a light aluminum frame, compact one-hand fold, adjustable handlebars and toe-tap locking brakes.