Ariel Winter Slams Mom for Publicly Calling out Her Revealing Photos

Ariel Winter is lashing out at her mother, Chrystal Workman, after the Modern Family star's estranged mom criticized her revealing outfits.

The 19-year-old actress took to Twitter this week to slam her mother's comments. Even though Ariel didn't explicitly say that she was talking about her mother, it was quite clear whom she was referring to in the message.

"What's sad is that you lie consistently," she tweeted. "Also, why is it that you only choose to talk to me through the press? I'm doing just fine. 🚫Toxic."

During an interview with InTouch Weekly, Chrystal Workman said that she wishes her daughter wouldn't show as much skin and "expose herself."

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"She needs to grow up," Workman said. "I would tell her to dress properly, be the beautiful person she is. I feel sad that she feels the need to expose herself when it's not necessary. Ariel is smart, beautiful and talented. She is a legitimate actress. She does not need to do this. She is beautiful with her clothes on."

Ariel Winter was legally emancipated from her mother in 2015. The actress accused her mother of being physically and emotionally abusive to her and trying to "sexualize" her at a young age. Judging by their latest interaction that played out in the media, it's clear that there is still some bad blood between Ariel and her mother.

Last month, Winter revealed that she isn't worried about what other people think of her during an interview with Refinery29. Ariel has been on the receiving end of heavy criticism on the Internet and says the online hate has made an impact on her outlook on life.

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"I went through a lot of hate online, so I tried to change myself for a really long time," she shared with the publication. "But people just kept hating on me no matter what I did. I decided that instead of pleasing these other people, I'll just spend that time pleasing myself. Those people are going to be rude to me regardless of what I do, so I should just try and be happy with what I am."



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