Apple Cider Vinegar: The Miracle Potion

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Hailed as the latest “super fluid” with a growing popularity, apple cider vinegar is taking flight and becoming the newest obsession among millions. Perfect for a multitude of health issues, apple cider vinegar does more than just spruce up your salad. As a fermented organic product made from crushed and aged apples, the specialty vinegar is touted as the miracle product of 2015. In addition to being high in vitamins and nutrients, it’s a proven remedy for a diverse range of ailments and a welcomed addition to our refrigerator.

For the Womanista who wants to have it all and relish in this apple of our eye, we share six amazing benefits of this age-old phenomenon that will have you asking everyone, “How do you like them apples?”

Reduces Appetite and Cravings

There’s a reason why ACV is so popular with our greens! Research has shown that it not only helps us lose weight, but also appears to increase satiety, thus reducing the amount of food we eat throughout the day. The acetic acid found in apple cider suppresses our appetites and increases our metabolism, reducing water retention and bloating. Doctors theorize that this popular vinaigrette choice interferes with our body’s digestion of starch, which means a lower caloric intake in our bloodstream.

Helpful for Diabetes

Studies have found that ACV not only helps to lower glucose levels for those with Type 2 diabetes, but also prevents sugar levels from spiking. Quite a bit of research has shown taking two tablespoons before bed lowered sugar levels with those affected by Type 2 up to six percent by morning. Many believe vinegar inactivates some of the digestive enzymes that break down carbs into sugar, thus decelerating the conversion process of complex carbs into sugar.

Outdoor Hero

Laying out in the grass is all fun and games until you’re burned by the scorching sun and bitten by inhabitants of a menacing anthill near your BBQ. Have no fear—ACV is here! Helping to minimize peeling and relieve pain, the vinegar’s antiseptic properties help cool the skin as it evaporates, while balancing pH levels that reduce stinging. It’s said to be an effective and quick accelerator of the healing process.

Clears Skin

ACV is also regarded as an effective treatment for acne and pimples. Apply a few drops to a cotton ball and rub on your T-zone or dry spots to prevent outbreaks or minimize blemishes. Psoriasis sufferers swear by this trick for reducing inflammation, as does Scarlett Johansson who told Elle UK that the common household product is what she uses to keep her porcelain complexion in check. Its malic and lactic acids help to tone skin and regular use of ACV softens and exfoliates too.

Sinus Congestion and Sore Throats

Cold and flu season is here, and with it comes sore throats and runny noses. While hot tea and a run to Starbucks might help for a while, apple cider vinegar reduces inflammation and infection thanks to its antibacterial properties that support our immune system. Helping to balance the pH levels in our sinuses, ACV acts as a natural loosening agent, thinning phlegm to aid us in breathing and swallowing easier, while boosting white blood cell and T-cell counts.

Digestive Issues


Whether you’re bloated, constipated, or experiencing heartburn, ACV is the solution for all your digestive ailments. Mimicking the acidic environment of our digestive track, this miracle liquid helps food to break down. With doctors suggesting that many issues occur because of low stomach acid levels, vinegar is assumed to bring those levels right back up to normalcy. That said, if you hate the taste of it, try adding honey as you swallow it down.

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