8 Things You Never Knew Your Muffin Tin Could Make

Muffin tin madness is exploding thanks to social media sharing creative concepts to mix up your previous expectations of what a simple muffin tin could make.  Countless mini-meals, savory sides, and recipe shortcuts are being revamped thanks to the use of this specialty pan that we all likely have sitting in our oven drawer.

Here are eight creative concepts to maximize the potential of your muffin tin beyond cupcakes and muffins!

1. Baked Hard-Cooked Eggs: This is my favorite use for the muffin pan lately. I never boil eggs in hot water anymore as this is an easy, no-mess way to make hard-cooked eggs that are easy to peel and leave no sacrifice on taste. Simply preheat oven to 325. Place a dozen eggs into a standard 12-count muffin pan. Bake for 25-30 minutes. Let stand 5 minutes. 


2. Baked Oatmeal: Oatmeal has always been an easy go-to breakfast, but now it gets even easier with this Baked Oatmeal Recipe. Leave the spoon and the bowl in the cupboard and grab this protein packed on–the-go meal as you head out the door.


3. Turkey Meatloaf: This Weight Watchers friendly recipe is the perfect solution to portion control made easy. They are packed with savory taste and are incredibly convenient...not sure which is better?! Ingredients like turkey, parsley and crimini mushrooms make this a mouth-watering muffin tin marvel!


4. Petite Lasagnas: This deep dish favorite can now be enjoyed in bite size servings, perfect for kids and adults alike. Not to mention, they are E.A.S.Y. to prepare thanks to the use of wonton wrappers. No more boiling noodles!


5. Mango Meatballs: Gluten-free and Paleo-friendly, these mango meatballs not only offer a mouth-watering combination of unexpected ingredients but make the tedious task of meatball making simple with a muffin tin.


6. Baked Potato Cupcakes: I know I said no cupcakes, but this spin on baked potatoes allows you to make a baked potato for guests that you can pack with healthier ingredients that your usual sour cream drenched spud. Make this recipe your own by using Greek yogurt, turkey bacon, low-fat cheese and throwing in some veggies for added nutrients. I would even consider a sweet potato cupcake. YUM.


7. Lemon Lime Ice Cubes: Hosting a party and want to have a punchbowl that packs a pretty punch? Or simply want to make getting your 8 ounces of H2O more pleasurable. Fill muffin tins with water and throw in a slice of fruit (lemon, lime, orange) in each tin and freeze. Voila! Beautiful ice cubes infused with fresh fruit.



8. Breakfast For Your Little: Use a half dozen muffin pan to make lunch for your toddler fun and interesting! Fill each tin with a colorful liner and match with colorful fruits and veggies to make healthy eating fun and clean up a cinch!


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