7 Mistakes That Even Healthy People Make

Being heathy isn't just counting Weight Watcher points and calories; it's knowing what your body needs and how to give that to it. If you think eating below your calorie requirements for the day is healthy, then take a step back and reevaluate your definition of health. Check out this list of mistakes that healthy people are making by Organic Authority.

food labels

Taking too much stock in the nutritional label: Don’t worry so much about the calories and fats in the foods you eat. Rather, concern yourself with the quality of the foods you eat by looking at the ingredients label. When you’re looking at the ingredients label, notice that the foods that come first are in the largest quantities. After looking at the ingredients, take a look at the sugar and fiber on the nutritional label (which after looking at the ingredients, shouldn’t be a shocker).

Buying too many packaged foods: Okay, so now that we’ve discussed the importance of an ingredients label, try and avoid it completely. Well, not completely, but try and avoid foods that come in packages. Instead enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from the farmer's market as well as nuts, seeds, legumes, and dried fruit from the bins at the health foods store.

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Drinking too much coffee: Even if it’s organic, shade-grown, and fair trade, coffee is something that should be enjoyed in moderation because it increases anxiety and makes it difficult to live in the present moment. A cup or two is fine, depending on how you tolerate it, but stop there.

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