7 Healthy Corn On The Cob Recipes

There's nothing better than that delicious, buttery taste of traditional grilled corn on the cob for a summer cookout. It seems like that sweet, mouthwatering taste of corn and butter can't get much better, or can it? If you are looking to spice up your corn on the cob and still keep things on the healthier side, then these seven recipes are worth a try!

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Chipotle Corn On The Cob: This recipe contains a creamy, homemade chipotle sauce on top of delicious grilled corn on the cob. It only takes 20 minutes to cook and serves enough for four people. Click here for the recipe and instructions.

Chipotle Corn on the Cob

Basil Parmesan Grilled Corn: Enjoy some traditional grilled corn on the cob with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and tasty basil vinaigrette. Click here to view how to make it!

Basil Parmesan Grilled Corn

Corn on the Cob with Chile and Lime: A perfect recipe for Cinco de Mayo or just for a warm summer evening, this corn on the cob with chile and lime recipe has a spicy kick to it and only takes four ingredients to prepare!

Photo Credit: Dishmaps
(Photo: Dishmaps)

Roasted Corn with Cilantro Butter: Roasted in the oven, this sweet corn on the cob is topped with fresh cilantro butter and a pinch of chipotle pepper and cumin. This recipe serves up to six, with one ear of corn coming in at just under 100 calories. Click here for the recipe.

Photo Credit: Skinnytaste
(Photo: Skinnytaste)

Spicy Hoisin and Sesame Glazed Corn: This recipe combines a mouthwatering glaze with spicy hoisin sauce to create full satisfaction. Pair this corn on the cob with some juicy steak and your whole family will be asking for more! Click here for the recipe and instructions.

Photo Credit: Betsy Life
(Photo: Betsy Life)

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Roasted Garlic and Herbs: You can never go wrong when combining corn with garlic and herbs. This grilled corn on the cob recipe will send your taste buds soaring with the delightful garlic taste!

Photo Credit: Sobeys
(Photo: Sobeys)

Mexican Grilled Corn: Complete a Mexican-inspired meal with this grilled corn on the cob recipe. Topped with mayonnaise, chili powder, and Cotija cheese, this recipe is perfect for a cookout with family and friends!

Photo Credit: Food Network
(Photo: Food Network)

Are you not a fan of corn on the cob because of that annoying feeling of corn stuck in between your teeth? Then try out this corn peeler! You will get the full satisfaction of corn on the cob without feeling the need to carry floss around.