6 Beauty Hacks That Will Outlast Your Workout

It's to be expected that you look a little rough after a workout. And it's understandable that you might be in a rush and forget to take off your mascara before hitting the gym. But to reduce the time spent pre- and post-workout messing with your makeup or hair, employ some of these tips!

Use dry shampoo. Protect against the post-workout frizz by giving your hair a mist of a dry shampoo, like this Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo with keratin. A dry shampoo will soak up sweat and oils. During your workout, wear a tight head wrap to clamp down on frizzy fly aways. After your workout, blow-dry your hair starting at the hairline, and slowly push the head wrap towards the back. This will force the frizzy hairs to dry straighter.

workout shower

Use moisturizers and skin protectants. Before swimming laps, apply a coat of a skin protectant to create a barrier between your derm and the chlorinated water, which dries skin out and makes you itch. Aquaphor Healing Ointment is great and cheap! As with any post-workout ritual, shower and lather on a moisturizer while your skin is still wet!

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Use lip balm with SPF. Lots of runners breathe through their mouths, which will crack lips in an instant. Don't lick your lips because the enzymes in saliva dry out the skin! Use a lip balm to seal moisture in and always apply it generously! Increasing your intake of water can also help keep your lips smooth. Try out this Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm.


Go light on makeup. On your scheduled workout days, less is more. Use sheer cream-based products that won't clump, long-lasting lip colors and waterproof mascara. Try Maybelline New York Full 'N Soft Waterproof Mascara. Later on, you can reapply small touches here and there to complete your post-workout routine. Remember the importance of removing your makeup every night before falling asleep!

Invest in a padded makeup bag. Avoid the extreme disappointment of having yet another cracked eye shadow. Makeup will inevitably get thrown around in any bag you carry, so investing in a traveler's organizer might be a good idea. Securing your eye shadows in their own little pockets should protect them from cracking when you throw your bag in a locker.


Use heat-protectant spray. Blow-drying your hair after a workout without using heat-protectant spray will add unnecessary damage. A heat protectant will the help the hair rehydrate and prevent breakage. John Freida's Protective Styling Spray will add bounce and fullness without the frizz!