5 Reasons to Throw Away Your Scale... Today

The awful machine that brings us all stress because of some silly numbers. It lurks in the corners [...]

woman weighing herself on bathroom scale

The awful machine that brings us all stress because of some silly numbers. It lurks in the corners of bathrooms, hiding under cupboards and behind doorways while you brush your teeth and pretend to ignore it. It's the Negative Nancy of the family, and you should rid yourself of it. Today!

If you weren't already aware, scales suck. They are rarely 100 percent accurate, and they tell us awful things in the mornings, no matter the number. Our weight fluctuates more than the stock market, and this machine uses that fact to its advantage. No, you did not gain four pounds overnight, you simply ate some carbohydrates at your last meal and your body is retaining water (as well as waste products).

It's hard to ignore the scale when you are trying to lose or gain weight, but we are all scared of the numbers. It matters what your body mass index is, but it matters more how you feel about yourself. Break up with your scale, because feeling healthy, sexy, powerful and at ease is all that should measure up.

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weight loss scale

The scale ruins your day. Lots of women weigh themselves in the morning because they feel compelled to in order to maintain or lose weight. If she happens to see a couple pounds more than she is expecting, the rest of the day will be a mess. Don't start your day this way! Start your morning routine with a healthy breakfast, a nice jog or morning yoga practice. Your body will feel great, and without the numbers throbbing in the back of your brain, your mental sanity will thank you too.

The scale alters your eating habits. So, Mr. Scale says you gained three pounds overnight. Well, he's a liar, but what's the most likely thing you'll do afterward? Probably eat less, maybe even verging on dangerously less. This is an unhealthy habit. Toss the scale out the window. It puts you out of touch with what your body really needs. Dieting screws with your metabolism and your mood, and dieting stems from the numbers we see on the scale.

The scale is not smart. One scale will say you're down five pounds, another will say you gained 10 overnight. Seriously? If you weigh yourself on a digital scale, you may need to calibrate it every time you move it. Even the type of flooring the scale is set on can cause it to be wildly inaccurate! If you're exercising and adding muscle, the number on the scale will reflect the added muscle weight. But scales are machines and machines malfunction. A lot. Go by what your clothes tell you: they are fitting looser; your jeans fall to your hipbones; your old swimsuit fits you. Take these cues as a measurement of your progress.

The scale does not measure your health. You know you are a healthy mama. You eat right, exercise and take your vitamins. The scale does not reflect this. Weighing less does not equate to being healthy. We can tell when our body feels healthy and when there is something wrong. But we have doctors and various medical tests that show our true health: the BMI, blood pressure, an ECG… combined, these paint a true picture of our overall health.

body love

The scale does not measure your worth. Your weight does not factor into what makes you the wonderful, sexy and loving woman that you are! You have dreams, talents, ambitions, morals, and infinite amounts of love within you. Your weight is just one of your numerous physical aspects, but in the end does not factor into what makes you truly amazing. You are amazing because you are a supportive friend, kick-butt mother and hard worker. A scale won't tell you that.

Kick the scale to the curb and silence his mean comments forever!

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