30 Red Velvet Recipes to Melt Your Heart

Whether it's just to celebrate with the family or you're responsible for a dessert at the classroom party, red velvet is always the way to go. It's the perfect color and flavor for Valentine's Day, so melt some hearts with these delicious (and healthy) recipes!

The Best Ever Red Velvet Cake: Applesauce and coffee make this the absolute best ever. Plus, there is ooey gooey cream cheese goodness in every bite! And, really, could these mini heart-shaped cakes get any cuter?! To get this original recipe, click here.

red velvet cake

Red Velvet Pancakes: Wake up and treat yourself! Starting your day off with a breakfast like this will guarantee a great rest of your day. To get the recipe, click here.

red velvet pancakes
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

Skinny Red Velvet Poke Cake: This Red Velvet Poke Cake is not only totally beautiful, it’s totally delicious! Start with our Skinny Sweetened Condensed Milk, Greek yogurt and egg whites for a delish, skinny cake, and then top it with the most amazing Cool Whip and cream cheese frosting! For step-by-step instructions, click here.

skinny red velvet poke cake

Skinny Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes: These mini cupcakes make for a great snack at a Valentine's Day party or for an after-school surprise for the kids! You can even have some fun with it and let them ice them themselves! Click here for nutrition and instructions.

skinny mini red velvet cupcakes

Secretly Healthy Red Velvet Cupcakes: This is a vegan recipe but from the taste, you'd never know it! In fact, you never would have guessed it's a "skinny" recipe at all! (via Chocolate Covered Katie)

secretly healhty red velvet cupcake
(Photo: Chocolate Covered Katie)

Heathy Red Velvet Cake with Vanilla Protein Frosting: Get a protein-packed dessert with this decadent cake! This is the perfect recipe to share because it's all-natural and balanced. Balanced with sweetness that is! (via Desserts with Benefits)

red velvet protein frosting
(Photo: Desserts with Benefits)

Red Velvet Beet Cupcakes: This is a classic red velvet recipe with a healthy twist: beets! It's still decadent and sweet but you can feel a bit better about grabbing a second one! (via Yummy Healthy Easy)

red Velvet Beet Cupcakes
(Photo: Yummy Healthy Easy)

Red Velvet Donuts: With no artificial coloring, these donuts are tasty and natural. It's a fun way to start the day, plus you can get your kids involved in the baking! (via My Whole Food Life)

Red Velvet Donuts
(Photo: My Whole Food Life)

Heathy Red Velvet Smoothie: Breakfast, lunch or a healthy mid-meal snack, this is a delicious and refreshing smoothie. With a fresh and sweet flavor, you won't feel sad about skipping out on dessert! (via The Balanced Berry)

Red Velvet Smoothie
(Photo: The Balanced Berry)

Red Velvet Sheet Cake: Sheet cakes are simple, fast and good for sharing. If you've got a crowd to please this Valentine's Day, this is the recipe for you! (via The Pioneer Woman)

red velvet sheet cake
(Photo: The Pioneer Woman)

Red Velvet Protein Bars: This is a simple vegan protein bar. The best part? It's no-bake, so you can go ahead and turn off that oven! You can bag this protein-packed delight and stick it in your gym bag! (via Sprint 2 The Table)

Red Velvet Protein Bars
(Photo: Sprint 2 The Table)

Low Carb Red Velvet Mug Cakes: Low carb and also gluten-free, these mug cakes are perfect for a personal dessert! At the end of a long day, when you need some sweets, pull up this recipe and treat yourself! (via All Day I Dream About Food)

red velvet mug cake
(Photo: All Day I Dream About Food)

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate: Take a bite out of your sweet tooth by sipping this hot cocoa! It's a great way to get in something sweet without packing in the calories of a traditional dessert. (via Heather's French Press)

red velvet hot chocolate
(Photo: Heather's French Press)

Healthier Red Velvet Cheesecake Brownie: Lighten up a cheesecake brownie and make it festive! This is a deliciously different way to celebrate Valentine's Day. These also make for great gifts! Just wrap them individually in little goodie bags! (via 360 Family Nutrition)

red velvet cheesecake brownie
(Photo: 360 Family Nutrition)

Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Red Velvet Icing: This is perfect for a Valentine's Day party or for a little goodie giveaway! This recipe calls for a moist and decadent chocolate filling with a festive frosting! (via A Spicy Perspective)

chocolate cupcake recipe red velvet
(Photo: A Spicy Perspective)

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake: Ice cream cake is a delicious dessert and it's always a fan favorite. If you are looking for a new way to do red velvet, here it is! (via Taste and Tell Blog)

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake Recipe
(Photo: Taste and Tell Blog)

Healthy Red Velvet Pancakes: This is an all-natural recipe for delicious pancakes! Surprising the kids with this tasty pancake is a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day, or better yet, have them help you make it! (via Desserts with Benefits)

Healthy Red Velvet Pancakes
(Photo: Desserts with Benefits)

Red Velvet Berry Cobbler with Cream Cheese Ice Cream: A fresh and tasty way to enjoy red velvet, this cobbler is a much healthier way to enjoy a classic dessert. (via My Baking Heart)

Red Velvet Berry Cobbler
(Photo: My Baking Heart)

Healthy Red Velvet Ice Cream: Ice cream is always a beloved dessert and now you can enjoy the delicious flavor of red velvet in a healthier way! (via Dessert Bullet Blog)

Healthy Red Velvet Ice Cream
(Photo: Dessert Bullet Blog)

Red Velvet Cake Pops: For a Valentine's Day parties, make these cake pops! They are easy to share and they will really impress all of your guests! You can even give the leftovers away as a party favor! (via Steamy Kitchen)

cheesecake pops
(Photo: Steamy Kitchen)

Red Velvet Macaroons: As far as raw desserts go, macaroons are a popular dessert. These macaroons are tasty, light and great for any fit mom who needs some sweets! (via Fitnessista)

red velvet maracroons
(Photo: Fitnessista)

Paleo Red Velvet Whoopie Pies: Even if you're single this Valentine's Day, we can guarantee you'll be getting some whoopie with this recipe! It's a healthy, paleo recipe that tastes great! (via Health-Bent)

whoopie pie red velvet
(Photo: Health-Bent)

Red Velvet Sugar Cookie Bars: This recipe isn't as skinny as some, but in small amounts, any indulgence is okay! This recipe is delicious and will be gone in a blink of an eye after you introduce it to your family! (via The Recipe Critic)

red velvet sugar cookie bars
(Photo: The Recipe Critic)

Natural Red Velvet Cake: If you want to keep things natural, but still enjoy a dessert, this is a great option! You can keep clean without being boring! (via The Big Bake Theory)

natural red velvet
(Photo: The Big Bake Theory)

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls: This is an overnight recipe that you'll love to wake up to! It's pretty on a plate, tasty in your mouth, and lower in calories than you'd expect! Just make sure you don't eat the whole platter before the rest of the family gets up! (via Well Plated)

Red Velvet Cinnamon Rolls
(Photo: Well Plated)

Healthy Red Velvet Butter Cookies: Ooey, gooey and buttery, this red velvet treat tastes like every diet's nightmare; however, this recipe is sugar-free, low fat, high protein, gluten free and vegan. So Feel free to have two. (via Desserts with Benefits)

Healthy Red Velvet Cookies
(Photo: Desserts with Benefits)

Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies: Melt-in-your mouth good, these red velvet treats are vegan, so you can make up a huge batch for your next get together and not worry about excluding any of the guests! (via Keepin' It Kind)

Red Velvet crinkle cookies
(Photo: Keepin' It Kind)

Beet and Walnut Red Velvet Load: This is a dairy-free bread, so it's great for any family member with diet restrictions without restricting any tastes or textures! It makes for a great breakfast OR dessert! (via ExSloth)

Beet and Walnut Red Velvet Loaf
(Photo: ExSloth)

Healthy Red Velvet Cheesecake: Cheesecake tastes like an indulgence, but this is a skinny version with a red velvet twist! It makes a beautiful color and an even more satisfying flavor! (via Proshape Fitness)

healthy red velvet cake
(Photo: Proshape Fitness)


Red Velvet Cheesecake Protein Shake: Whether this is a post-workout snack or an early riser's breakfast, this is a delicious way to get your protein in for the day! Not to mention it looks pretty in your cup! (via Dashing Dish)

red velvet shake
(Photo: Dashing Dish)