3 Lies You Must Never Tell Your Doctor

woman with a doctor

Going to the doctor can be an uncomfortable experience; no one enjoys having their weight, blood pressure and overall health critiqued. But no matter how uncomfortable you are, it is important that you never tell these three white lies to your doctor.

Your doctor can only be as helpful as the information you provide them. Read on for three lies you must never tell your doctor:

"I feel fine."  If you're feeling under the weather mentally or emotionally please do not tell your doctor you feel fine. Twice as many women experience depression compared to men. Be honest and share what's really going on and how you are actually feeling. Your doctor might be able to shed some light on what you're experiencing and even give some suggestions to make you feel better. We all have a lot going on in our lives and we often forget how important our own well-being is. Your doctor may be able to remind you to slow down and to take some time to smell the proverbial roses. (via The Mayo Clinic)

young woman feel sick in the morning, headache or toxemia of pregnancy
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"I'm not taking anything."  Sure you might not think that the supplement you're taking matters to your general practitioner, but it may adversely effect the way some of your other medicines perform. It is incredibly important to divulge all medications, supplements or natural remedies you are taking to your doc. Without that knowledge, he cannot provide you with the best care, which is why we see the doctor in the first place, right? (via Fitness Magazine)


"I work out and eat right!" It's easy to tell your doctor that you eat a balanced diet and hit the gym 5 days a week, but if you don't and your blood pressure and weight continue to scale higher and higher, he may assume something is wrong. This will likely lead to a battery of expensive medical tests, a pile of different meds and loads of side effects, none of which are pleasant (think diarrhea and bloating). Sure the meds may help in the short-term, but you need to look at the extended effects of these on your body. Telling the truth is much easier! (via Redbook Magazine)

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No one wants to be judged, but remember that your doctor asks questions about your health so that he/she can help you, not judge you. Trust that you are dealing with a professional and be honest, you might just find you have a more positive healing experience.