18 Healthy Ways To Amp Up Your Chicken Recipes

A chicken breast is a great start to a healthy meal. However, this low-calorie, protein-powered [...]

A chicken breast is a great start to a healthy meal. However, this low-calorie, protein-powered meal option can get boring pretty quickly. Stay on your healthy track without boring your taste buds with these 18 skinny ways to serve your chicken!

Clean Eating Chicken Chipotle Bowl: Take your healthy plain shredded chicken to the next level with wholesome ingredients to make a clean chipotle bowl the family will love (and so will your diet)! Get the recipe here.

clean eating chipotle

Chicken Tostadas: Take your healthy chicken and toss it into our skinny tostadas! Be sure you're using a low-fat cheese and a skinny tortilla to keep this meal skinny! Click here for our ingredients list.

chicken tostadas

Skinny Chicken and Broccoli Casserole: A casserole is the perfect meal for busy moms. While your dinner is baking, you can check two or three things off your to-do list, and it makes a great leftover for lunch tomorrow. Even better, it's delicious and skinny too! Check it out here!

chicken broccoli casserole

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wraps: Lettuce wraps sound like a healthy lunch or dinner, but unless you're making them yourself, they're often packed with sodium and fat! Avoid the calorie confusion and make our skinny recipe by clicking here.

Thai Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Blackened Chicken with Avocado Cream Sauce: This blackened seasoning gives a boring chicken breast a bold flavor and heat, and is perfectly balanced by the avocado cream sauce! This is a great way to turn up your chicken. Check it out!

blackened chicken avocado cream

Skinny Coconut Chicken: Give your chicken a sweet and crunchy flavor with this recipe! It's a great way to make chicken more interesting — plus, the kids will love this new chicken tender. Get the recipe here.

skinny coconut chicken

Skinny Lemon Chicken: This is a great way to give your chicken a flavor boost. Keeping the calories at 170 a serving, this recipe give your taste buds a treat! See how it's made here.

skinny lemon chicken

Chicken and Veggie Casserole: This is almost like a chicken noodle soup, without the broth and double the variety of veggies! You get all the deliciousness of the egg noodle, with compliments of mushroom, broccoli and tons of other colorful veggies. And it's in casserole form, so it's just as easy to make and clean up! Check it out here.

chicken veggie casserole

Asparagus and Cheese Stuffed Chicken: Looking for a show stopper recipe? Well this is it, ladies! Wow your family or guests with this amazing stuffed chicken dish that is full of flavor from bite to bite! Click here for step-by-step instructions.

asparagus cheese stuffed chicken

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Skinny Bruschetta Stuffed Chicken: This is some comfort food! Crispy Panko crumbs and creamy, melty cheese are a spectacular way to liven up your chicken. We especially love the zing that the Italian dressing imparts. The best part? One roll contains only a little over 100 calories! See the full nutrition info here.

bruschetta stuffed chicken

Skinny Chicken Florentine: Trick your family into eating skinny! The creamy, cheesy taste will mask the fact that this recipe is only 284 calories a serving! See more nutrition info here.

skinny chicken florentine

Skinny Baked Chicken Fingers: This recipe will excite the whole family! It's a crispy take on your typical baked chicken and it's great for dipping, but make sure you're choosing a skinny condimentGet the recipe by clicking here. 

skinny baked chicken

Skinny Salsa Chicken: Bold flavors in every bite are guaranteed with this recipe! Serve it alongside brown rice or steamed broccoli for a totally healthy and skinny meal! Get the instructions here.

skinny salsa chicken

Skinny Barbeque Chicken Kabobs: Grilled chicken, veggies and a skewer. That's all you need for this skinny meal! It's a tasty way for eating healthy without boring your taste buds. Click here to get more info.

bbq chicken kabobs

Brown Sugar Spiced Baked Chicken: Seriously amp up your chicken with brown sugar! It's sweet and easy! Just combine your ingredients into a bag, add the chicken and shake. Let it refrigerate and then bake! (via Rachel Schultz)

Brown Sugar Spiced Baked Chicken
(Photo: Rachel Schultz)

Chicken Pesto Sandwich: Homemade pesto can be made fairly easily in a blender; add some shredded chicken and you're on your way to a delicious sandwich lunch! (via Chef in Training)

Chicken Pesto Sandwich
(Photo: Chef in Training)

Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken: A skinny chicken dish stuffed with cheesy and veggie goodness! You may even convince the kids to get some broccoli down! (via Eat Yourself Skinny)

broccoli cheese stuffed chicken
(Photo: Eat Yourself Skinny)

Skinny Honey Lemon Chicken: Sweet, savory and sure to please, this recipe is a flavorful way to eat your healthy chicken — and the family will love it too! (via Gimme Some Oven)

Honey Lemon Chicken
(Photo: Gimme Some Oven)