17 Summer Beauty Hacks

A picturesque sunny day: The birds are chirping, the water is lapping against the shore, and you're a sweaty, frizzy mess. It happens to even the most put-together women. So, how can we manage to stay looking neat and tidy when the humidity is at 1,000 percent and sand is all up in our crevices? It's a constant beauty challenge, but with these 17 tips, you'll be ready to tackle each new day! Brit + Co published this list of 17 hacks to keep you and your summer looking picture perfect!

Aloe Ice Cubes: Pour aloe into an ice cube tray and use them to soothe any bits of skin that didn't get covered with sunscreen.

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aloe ice cubes
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Chamomile Bikini Line Rescue: If you start getting a rash along your bikini line, steep a couple bags of chamomile tea in hot water. Put them in the freezer for 15 minutes and then lay them along your bikini line to soothe the irritation. 

hot chamomile tea

Keep Your Color: Sun, salt water and chlorine can all seriously damage your hair, especially your hair color. Perk up your locks and help extend the lifetime of your color by spritzing apple cider vinegar into your hair every time you have fun in in the sun.

red hair

Bye, Bye Blisters: No one wants to have Band-Aids on their toes while rocking those cute, strappy sandals you just made. Keep blisters away by rubbing your ankles and toes with deodorant (yes, deodorant!). The antiperspirant wicks away moisture and friction.

prevent blisters
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Mosquito Repellant: Bugs are gross, but sometimes that bug spray can feel just as toxic, not to mention super greasy and terrible for your skin. DIY your own bug spray that'll keep you smelling fresh and bug-bite-free.

DIY bug spray
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Easy Aftershave: There is nothing worse than shaving and having your legs look like they just walked through a thorny forest. Dust baby powder over your shaved legs to prevent irritation and chafing.


Homemade Bronzing Lotion: When you want to add a bit of summery glow to your legs and arms, add some shimmery copper or gold eyeshadow to your lotion. If it's really hot, you can even store your lotion in the fridge for an instant, cooling refresher.

gold eyeshadow

Frizz Control: We adore coconut oil for a multitude of beauty reasons, one of which includes keeping the frizz under control. Mix up equal parts coconut and avocado oil together and spritz into the ends of your hair to keep moisturized on the hottest of days.

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