14 Lunch Boxes Your Kids Will Love

lunch box

How many times has your child begged for a backpack or lunch box with a character printed on it, only to have a new favorite character a month later? This school year, don't spend your cash on a lunch box that will soon be "uncool." Opt for one of these timeless, fun options here and get a longer life out of your kid's lunch box. Each of these boxes, sacks, totes or bags is BPA-free and will be a safe, eco-friendly option for the little learner in your life — and they'll be sure to love the fun designs!

Honest Lunch Box: This lunch box by The Honest Co. is fully insulated and has a back pocket for holding utensils and napkins. It is available in six colors and designs and comes with a detachable strap so it can be worn as a backpack or messenger bag. Click here to view all six colors! 

honest company lunch box
(Photo: The Honest Co.)

Solvetta FlatBox Lunch Box: This lunch box unzips to become a placemat, protecting your child from one of the dirtiest and germiest places at school: the cafeteria! It's also machine-washable for easily cleaning spills. Check it out here!

flatbox lunch box
(Photo: Amazon)

PackIt® Lunch Bag: This bag includes a freezer liner so that you can fold it flat and freeze the entire bag overnight. Once you remove it from the freezer, fill it for lunch and it will stay cold for up to 10 hours! This bag is available in 21 designs. Check it out here.

PackIt lunch box
(Photo: Amazon)

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Holographic Gem Lunch Box: If you have a child with a serious hanger problem, consider the "Sorry for what I said when I was hungry" lunch box! It's perfect for the 'tween in your life. Click here to buy it.

sorry for what I said when i was hungry lunch box
(Photo: Toys"R"Us)

Waste-Free Lunch Kit: This lunch kit by Kids Konserve is a reusable version of a brown paper sack. It includes a lunch sack, food kozy, cotton napkin, two stainless steel containers, beverage bottle and recycled aluminum name tag. Check it out here! 

Kids Konserve lunch box
(Photo: Shak Shaku)

Doggy Lunch Bag: This simple doggy bag is sized to fit your child's lunch perfectly. It is made from organic cotton and has a wipeable liner to clean spills easily. Get it for the puppy-lover in your life by clicking here!

doggy lunch box
(Photo: Shak Shaku)

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Taylor Pink Lunch Bag: This bag by Pottery Barn Kids will never be confused with another student's lunch. All PBK's lunch bags or boxes come with personalization included! Start customizing by clicking here.

pottery barn kids lunch box
(Photo: Pottery Barn Kids)

Goodbyn Hero: For a mess-free lunch, pack your kid's midday meal in this bento-style box. It stores his or her lunch in a single container and can be put in a lunch sleeve or carried by itself! Check it out here.

goodbyn lunch box
(Photo: Goodbyn)

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Sugarbooger® Lunch Sack: These laminated cotton canvas sacks by Oré are made so that parents can ditch plastic baggies for good. This adorable sack comes in nine designs so there's a packable for every kid! Browse the designs here.

vintage alphabet lunch box
(Photo: ReuseIt)

Yumbox Bento Lunch Container: This all-in-one lunch container comes with an interior portion control liner that has a printed circus scene or "eat well" tray. The tray has space for each food group, ensuring your child gets a healthy, filling lunch. Click here to buy it! 

Yumbox lunch box
(Photo: Yumbox)

Tin Lunch Box With Chalkboard: This lunch box will be unlike any of your child's classmates' containers. You can completely customize this tin lunch box, which is complete with a chalkboard lining on the backside of the lid for writing sweet notes! Learn more by clicking here!

chalkboard lunch box
(Photo: Etsy)

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchie: This lunch bag is perfect for your little one! It's large enough for a sandwich, apple and drink and is available in 18 different animals. Find your child's favorite here!

Skip Hop zoo lunch box
(Photo: Amazon)

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3 Sprouts Lunch Bag: This sweet bag is a larger option to ensure it holds all your child's lunch and snack necessities. It comes in six animal designs and a buckle clip to easily attach it to a backpack. See the options here!

3 sprouts animal lunch box
(Photo: Amazon)


Sugarbooger® Zippe Lunch Tote: This lunch sack is insulated to keep your kiddo's food and drink cold for the morning. It is available in 10 cool designs, perfect for any personality! Shop these designs by clicking here.

sugarbooger lunch box
(Photo: Amazon)