10 Ways To Create A Healthier Home

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You probably spend a lot of time and money on decorating your home to make it pleasing aesthetically, but are you putting just as much effort into making it healthy?

You can clean your house until your heart's content – sweeping the floors, wiping down the counters, etc – but it's not until you take the extra steps to cleanse your home that it's fully rid of latent toxins and impurities. By incorporating and eradicating particular things from your space you can greatly affect your physical, mental and emotional health.

Make these ten simple switches within your home to easily enhance your health and general well being.

Lower The A/C At Night
Turning down the temp can positively affect your metabolism. According to the National Institute of Health, it might sound too good to be true but sleeping in a cooler room can cause your body to burn more calories while you sleep.

Keep Your Candles Clean
Much like the clean-eating you're already practicing, be sure to only use natural, clean-burning candles with lead free wicks in your home. Soy candles are a great alternative to the usual chemical-filled kinds. Check out our Womanista Approved candles with picks from our editors and influencers!

Wash Your Linens Weekly
Have you always wondered how often you should be washing your sheets and towels? Unfortunately, bath towels start to breed bacteria only after a few uses, so experts recommend tossing those in the wash after three uses. And when it comes to your sheets, aim to wash them in a hot water cycle about once a week to ensure a healthy bed void of dust mites. Add a refreshing cherry on top by spraying your sheets with an all-natural linen water to keep them smelling sweet and fresh.

Ditch The Plastic
Purify your home by tossing out all plastic wraps and containers and instead replacing them with natural alternatives, like Bee's Wrap, that are much healthier and safer for packing kids' lunches or wrapping up leftovers.

Bring Your Plants Indoors
Bringing your greenery indoors helps to purify the air in your home while producing fresh oxygen. Moreover, greenery indoors helps to make your space warm, inviting and thriving, and greenery pairs perfectly with any sort of décor.

Toss The Toxic Pans
Rid your food of any toxins by nixing nonstick pans and replacing them with enamel cast iron cookware. We're huge fans of the Le Creuset brand for beautiful yet durable options.

Add A Mirror To Your Dining Area
Studies from the University of Central Florida reveal that adding a mirror to the space where you eat your meals can encourage you to make healthier choices, as research shows that mirrors force us to view ourselves objectively.

Create A Charging Station
You've probably heard by now that the light from your phone and iPad screens inhibits your sleep routine. In fact, a study out of Harvard Medical School revealed that using your devices actually throws off your entire circadian rhythm, which is what causes a terrible night's sleep. The solution? Institute an official "charging station" outside of your bedroom so you won't be tempted to scroll Instagram late at night or check your phone as soon as you wake up.


Choose An Organic Mattress
Believe it or not, a lot of traditional mattresses on the market contain harmful and toxic ingredients that make their way out of the material and onto your body. However, using an organic mattress can help purify your home of those toxins while making sure you stay healthy even while you sleep.

Purify Your Water The Pretty Way
Using a beautiful glass water purifier won't only eliminate toxins from your drinking water, it'll also bring aesthetic pleasure while getting rid of more plastic in your space.