10 Products for Healthy Hair

Winter is on its way out and it left behind piles of slush and a lot of dead leaves! But that's not the only thing damaged. Your hair may be looking and feeling a little lackluster. To prep for spring and get your hair back to healthy, check out some of these products!

Restorative Shampoo: To return your hair to a healthy state, we recommend L'Oréal Ever Strong. This is a restorative shampoo that works with your hair's natural oils to keep it shiny and healthy. It can temporarily seal split ends and prevent future breaking! Click here to purchase it online.

loreal everstrong
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Restorative Conditioner: To keep your hair healthy, you want to finish it off with a great conditioner! Consider Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner. It's specifically designed for dry and damaged hair. To learn more, click here.

raw shea butter restorative conditioner
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Leave-In Conditioner: Keep your hair strong and soft with a leave-in conditioner. We love this Aussie product because it keeps your hair protected without leaving it a greasy mess. To check it out online, click here.

aussie leave-in conditioner
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Argan Oil: Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways and argan oil is always a popular ingredient in hair care products. With Foxbrim's Argan Oil treatment, you can get the benefits directly! Click here to purchase and read the positive reviews of this product.

argon oil
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Deep Conditioner: Using a deep conditioning treatment is a great way to give your hair a healthy boost. This Shu Uemura Art of Hair Moisture Velvet Nourishing Treatment for Dry Hair is as close to curing split and dry hair as you'll ever get. Even coarse, "fuzzy" hair will feel smoother after using this treatment every week!

deep conditioning
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Hair Turban: Using a rough towel can cause your hair to frizz or damage it. Instead, save the terry cloth for drying your body and use a super absorbent hair turban like this Aquis Microfiber Hair Towel. It will dry your hair faster using its microfiber technology and keep you from damaging your hair with blow dryers!

hair turban
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Heat Protecting Spray: If you use a curling iron or straighten your hair often, you could be causing serious damage to your hair. Sedu has created a smoothing product that can keep your hair healthy, despite your styling techniques! Click here to check it out.

sedu smoothing heat protecting boost
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Split End Treatment: It used to be that the only way to cure split ends was to cut them off, but not anymore! Tresemmé's Split Remedy acts like magnets to pull the ends together and bonds them. To get some of your own, click here!

tresemme split remedy split end sealing serum
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Damage Free Blow Dryer: The heat from a blow dryer can be very damaging to your hair. If you regularly blow dry, you should consider upgrading! The T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i will dry your hair so fast that it won't have time to get damaged! To learn more, click here.

t3 featherweight luxe
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Hair Hydrator: Keeping your hair hydrated helps to prevent breakage. To do that, try Biolage Ultra-Hydrating Balm. This product will leave your hair smooth and shiny when you're done. Click here to purchase!

matrix biolage
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