10 Guilt-Free Lemonade Recipes To Try This Summer

It's that time of the year where lemonade is the most refreshing drink to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon. Yes, lemonade is known to have high contents of sugar, so for those of you who are working to stay on a healthy path, you may think that lemonade should be crossed out of your diet. Well, think again because below is a list of 10 skinny recipes that will quench your thirst while doing no harm to your diet!

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Green Tea Lemonade: You may have already heard that green tea is an excellent help for weight loss, heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and much more. If you are interested in adding a little something extra to your green tea, then try this green tea lemonade recipe!

Photo Credit: Girl Makes Food
(Photo: Girl Makes Food)

Naturally Sweetened Strawberry Lemonade: Refreshing, low in calories, and containing no artificial sweeteners, what more could you ask for in a drink? This naturally sweetened strawberry lemonade recipe will leave you wanting more than one glass, and no worries — it only contains 21 calories per serving!

Photo Credit: The Sugar-free Mom
(Photo: The Sugar-Free Mom)

Detox Lemonade: Sometimes our bodies could use a good detox to get rid of any unwanted toxins. If you are interested in detoxing your body while satisfying your taste buds, then this detox lemonade recipe is the one to try!

Photo Credit:
(Photo: The Skinny Fork)

Green Lemonade: This is not your typical lemonade recipe; this green lemonade is a juice that will make you feel healthier and better about your body in no time. Also, it's a great way to get your dose of fruits and veggies!

Photo Credit: In Sonnet's Kitchen
(Photo: In Sonnet's Kitchen)

Basil-ade: A satisfying drink when you're sitting outside in the sun or before you have a night out with the girls. This 130-calorie recipe is a combination of vodka and strawberry goodness. Click here to find out how to make it!

Photo Credit: Shape
(Photo: Shape)

Coconut Peach Lemonade: Here is a unique recipe for you and your family to try. This coconut peach lemonade recipe is a cold delight that will satisfy your sweet tooth in no time!

Photo Credit: My Living Nutrition
(Photo: My Living Nutrition)

Tangy Citrus Lemonade: Add a little extra flavoring to your lemonade with raspberries and honey. This zesty drink will give you and your kids something to look forward to during lunch time! Click here for the recipe and instructions.

Photo Credit: Recipes100
(Photo: Recipes100)

Low Sugar Mint Lemonade: It only takes five minutes to prepare this low-sugar drink. The combination of mint leaves and fresh lemon will make you feel like you're at the beach in the Bahamas!

Photo Credit: Quick and Dirty Kitchen
(Photo: Quick and Dirty Kitchen)

Raspberry Peach Lemonade: Raspberries and peaches are a delicious combination for lemonade! The flavor is sweet and fruity, something that you and your family are sure to enjoy. Click here for the recipe and instructions.

Photo Credit: Eat Drink Love
(Photo: Eat Drink Love)

Very Berry Lemonade: Who needs sugary drinks when you can have this very berry lemonade smoothie? With only four ingredients, this recipe is easy to prepare and fun to drink!


Photo Credit: The Dr. Oz Show
(Photo: The Dr. Oz Show)

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