Fast Food Under 500: Wendy's

On a truly hectic day, sometimes a quick stop at Wendy's is your only option. While it's tempting to buy the largest Frosty they will give you (and dip your french fries in it, if you're into that), don't fall victim to the fat trap! A large chocolate Frosty packs 580 calories, and even the teeny tiny "Junior" size is 200 calories. If you have the will power to make a few minor adjustments, you can still buy a satisfying meal for under 500 calories.

Chicken Nuggets: A four piece order of chicken nuggets is a low-calorie food that is perfect for eating on-the-go. The original chicken nuggets check in at 180 calories for four pieces, and you can cut 10 more calories by opting for the spicy version. (via Wendy's)

wendys chicken nuggets
(Photo Credit: Wendy's)

Small Chili: Not many fast food restaurants offer chili, so I think it's a must-buy whenever I head to Wendy's. You can enjoy a small chili for 180 calories! (via Wendy's)

(Photo: wendys chili
Photo Credit: Wendy's)

Apple Slices: We all know "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"! Snatch up some refreshing apple slices for only 40 calories. (via Wendy's)

(Photo: wends apple slices
Photo Credit: Wendy's)

Small Strawberry Tea: Just because you're doing your best to avoid the extra calories, doesn't mean you can't still enjoy a sweet beverage! Sweet strawberries and tea are a perfect combo for Summer, and a small is only 50 calories. (via Wendy's)

(Photo: wends apple slices
Photo Credit: Wendy's)

Total Calories: 450

As you can see, a full meal from Wendy's for under 500 calories is possible! To see the full nutrition menu, click here.