How One Woman Lost 70 Pounds in 8 Months With 'No Quick Fixes'

Angela Crickmore’s journey from a size 18 to 6 began with a reality check on her eating habits.

The London transplant was working at a hotel job that provided her with meals every day, so she ate unhealthy carb-loaded foods in large portions and started packing on weight. “ I couldn't see any way out of my dilemma with my weight, I was unable to find the motivation to change this,” she says on her website when she hit her heaviest at 190 pounds.

When Crickmore visited her hairdresser, who had recently lost a considerable amount of weight, she said she gained serious motivation.

5 years ago I started a journey that would change my life and how I see everything. Goes beyond the exterior but the most important, have changed my mind, make me stronger emotionally, gave me Mental toughness, perseverance, I don't give up easy in any aspect of life, I keep going until I achieve what I want , could be a simple thing like untangle a knotted chain or learn another language. 📝Find your reasons, your motivations, write down all your goals and action plan and go for it. Brain wash yourself with the things you want, only you can do it. #tuesday #transformationtuesday #eatclean #health #ripped #abs #weightloss #weights #gym #beachbody #curvy #boobs #fit #diet #fitness #fit #bööbs #hot #happy #lean #bodybuilding

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So she began her own journey to health, first by transforming her diet. She began eating six small meals — one every three hours — and avoiding the food provided by her company. “I started to take my own food to work every single day,” she said. She’d pack foods like porridge for breakfast or grilled chicken, vegetables and brown rice for lunch.

When she lost about 22 pounds, Crickmore added fitness to her routine, starting with a daily hour-long walk, she told Popsugar. When her body adjusted to the schedule, she switched to jogs, then to runs!

She joined a gym soon after to explore strength training and other types of exercise, and she continued to switch up her routine based on her ever-changing goals. Currently, the fit mom is focused on lowering her body fat and getting leaner, so she does a 45-minute HIIT workout and uses the StairMaster five days per week.

Crickmore dropped more than 70 pounds in eight months and took control of her health with “no quick fixes,” she tells supporters. Now, she hopes to motivate others in the same way she was motivated by her friend.

The fitness mentor says she receives messages from a variety of people — no age or sex restrictions — who want to know how to achieve results similar to hers. Her main piece of advice is to fully dedicate yourself and make an actionable plan for your success.

"Disciplining your mind so that it is focused on your goals is crucial to your success. If your mind is not trained to focus on and achieve your goals, then you really have little chance of success," she said. "The key for success is planning, so you got to think ahead how your week will be, where you will be, which kind of meal you can have… all of that needs to be taken into consideration when planning."



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