'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Abira Gets Emotional Talking About Her Mom in Touching Exclusive Clip


'Little Women: Atlanta' Star Abira Gets Emotional Talking About Her Mom in Touching Exclusive Clip

This Collagen Butter Is the Toast Ingredient You and Your Skin Have Been Missing

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Move over avocado toast, there's a new good-for-you toast topper that's taking the world by storm. 

Ok, so we could never give up avocado toast completely, but this collagen butter from Pearl Butter is definitely deserving of a place in our breakfast rotation. 

 Beauty Butter is a mixture of activated pearls, coconut flesh, and pitaya (aka dragon fruit) and is said to have anti-aging, illuminating and collagen-boosting abilities, HelloGiggles reports. For $29.99 a jar you can get the pretty pink "butter" to spread on toast, toss in a smoothie, or snack on straight from the jar if you're feeling crazy. 

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And if you're already feeling fabulous about your inner glow, Pearl Butter has a variety of other body-boosting butters for your consideration. There's Bliss Butter which is supposed to help boost your mood with Maqui berry and mood-lifting herbs like spirit poria and euphoria longana, and Brain Butter which boasts creativity-boosting and overall brain health. Brain Butter gets its mermaid-blue color from C-phycocyanin, “a neuroprotective protein that supports memory, creativity, and overall brain health,” according to Pearl Butter’s site.

It's a little bit pricey, but if the butters do what they say they do, they could be a powerful addition to your nutrition and beauty arsenal. Would you give something like this a try? 


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