SDCC 2019: Kristen Bell Speaks out on 'The Good Place' Ending


SDCC 2019: Kristen Bell Speaks out on 'The Good Place' Ending

This Woman's One-Year Total Body Transformation Is Absolutely Astounding

2 years older = 10 years younger 🤔 Is it even possible? Oh yes, it is! It needs an effort and dedication but it's so worth 💪🏼😍 Excuses? Really? ... You are too busy? I have family and full time job. And I do overtimes. You are too old for change? I am 40 years old this year and I started my journey only 2 years ago. No gym access? You can do BBG, yoga or even lifting at home. Be creative! No time for meal preparation? I tell you it's only a matter of time management. It takes me 15-20 minutes daily to prepare all the meals for my next day. If you don't want to cook yourself, there are always healthy options in the store or in the restaurant. It's about the choice. Any other excuses? 🤗 #transformationtuesday

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After four years in a stressful job in finance that had her eating poorly and not taking care of her body, Nessa, 39, realized things had gotten out of control when she saw a particularly unflattering photo of herself. 

"I didn't realize how much my body changed during the time that I didn't care enough about it, she said, according to Delish

So, she decided to do something about it. She started scheduling her workouts before heading into the office and when she was at the gym she followed Kayla Itsine's Bikini Body Guides, HIIT that focuses on bodyweight movement rather than pumping serious iron. 

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She was thrilled with the progress, but when she started to plateau after six months, she started looking for different answers. She's been eating pretty healthy 80 percent of the time, but was sometimes skipping meals on busy days and binge-eating unhealthy foods for dinner to make up for it. There were days when her calorie intake was 1,000 and others when it was up around 3,000. 

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The key, Nessa decided, must lay somewhere in her eating habits. She enlisted the help of a co-worker with a personal training certification to create a meal plan that would give her enough oomph for her workouts and provide energy throughout the day all while fitting into her busy schedule. 

At the advice of her friend, she started eating every three hours, consuming 1,900 - 2,000 calories a day spread throughout five or six meals per day. She began packing three pre-portioned meals per day and used a kitchen scale to teach her how to eyeball proper serving sizes. 

Three times a day at work she finishes one container which might involve sweet potatoes, chicken breast, broccoli, and avocado; basmati rice, cod, and green beans dressed with olive oil; or whole wheat pasta with zucchini noodles, shrimp, and homemade pesto. She prepares her meals all at once a couple times a week.

Nessa now allows deviation from the plan on the weekends, but followed it strictly for 11 weeks straight, a commitment she credits for her success and impressive results. 

But she noticed another obstacle - though her weight loss was back on track and her energy was back to sustaining her throughout the day, her new diet was sucking the life out of her booty. 

Nessa hits the gym five or six times a week for 45 to 55 minutes. She does two days of cardio involving either BBG, incline treadmill power walking, or elliptical, and two high-intensity interval-training sessions (30-second intervals of high-knees, jump rope, or rowing for 12 to 15 minutes), and one upper-, one lower-, and one full-body lifting session per week. On lifting days, she follows her internet fitness plan, focusing on weighted squats, hip bridges, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings, lifting the heaviest weight she can handle.

After just four weeks, she's squatting 90 pounds and deadlifting 120 pounds and has already seen muscle gains that appear to be rounding out her butt. 

Now she's looking to obtain a fitness training certification to help others achieve the goals she once didn't think were attainable. 

The easiest meal prep on Sunday 👆🏼😍 I've made those quick lunch boxes because I wanted to enjoy my evening and watching the movie instead of spending hours in a kitchen. I decided to go for rice with fried garlic and onions, chicken thighs seasoned with @franksredhot sauce and steamed broccoli ✅ It took me only 15 minutes and additional 10 minutes for cooking. I will eat all of those meals tomorrow at work (3 lunch boxes, 1 lunch box every 3 hours). I will also have one avocado with me as my healthy fats and Lemon Protein Cookie from @womensbest as my snack 🍋😍 And this is not a full food diary for tomorrow, there will be also breakfast and dinner at home 🤗💕 #womensbest #protein #mealprep #mealpreparation #nutrition #proteincookie #chickenandrice

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