10 Percent of Women Experience This 'Pee Problem' — Are You One of Them?

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Be honest: Have you ever peed your pants a little bit? A tiny bit? Ever? You can be honest, because if you answered yes, then you're not alone. 

A recent study found that 10 percent of young women experience leaking.

The study, which was published in the journal Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgeryfound that 10.3 percent of women between the ages of 19 and 30 experience urinary incontinence, aka unintentional leakage.

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Urinary incontinence happens when your bladder releases a small amount of urine when it's under stress, usually from laughing, sneezing or even jogging or an intense cardio workout.

Incontinence is usually due to weak pelvic floor muscles. The good news is you can strengthen those muscles and decrease your chance of incontinence.

“Doing kegel exercises is probably the most effective thing you can do,” Philip Buffington, M.D., the chief medical officer for the Urology Group, told Women's Health.

Start out doing three sets of 10 reps of kegels every day, holding each kegel for five seconds.

Increase your squeeze time by one second per week until you can hold for 10 seconds. 

“If you’re doing a proper kegel exercise, you’ll feel the vagina pull up inside you,” Buffington says. “That’s the sensation you want to feel.”


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