Ashley Graham Responds to Critics of 'Vogue' Cover Controversy

Ashley Graham is definitely not afraid to talk about body image, especially when she’s the one being targeted.

In her Vogue cover shoot alongside Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, the curvy model has much to celebrate but her achievements are now being blemished by controversy over certain parts of the image.

Of the seven women photographed for the March 2017 issue, Graham is the only curvy model. However, unlike the others, she has her hand covering her thigh.

The body positive role model’s social media followers were quick to point out that they also believed Hadid’s arm was photoshopped to extend over Graham’s stomach.

In a response to one fan who said claimed the editors photoshopped her body to cover up her leg, Graham said she “chose to pose like that,” adding that “no one told [her] to do anything.

Despite Graham’s reply, a majority of comments called out the magazine for manipulating the photograph.

“You look amazing but I am still disappointed in Vogue … Gigi’s hand does not look normal to me … think they may have photoshopped you … god knows why!” a user wrote.

On Thursday afternoon, Graham shared another photo of her and the other women jumping around the beach.

This is not the first time the supermodel has shot down photoshop controversy. Shortly after her Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue debut, Graham had to come out saying that the image was not edited.

“They [Sports Illustrated editors] did not retouch me,” she told PEOPLE. “They did not take out things. They didn’t reshape my body in any way, shape or form.”


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