Lush Employee Provides Moment of Zen for Stressed-Out Mom and Her Son With Autism

If you are not familiar with the bath and body retailer, Lush, you will definitely be after this inspiring story. The store is known for their cruelty-free, earth friendly and soaps, shampoos and bath bombs that are all handmade and boast creative and relaxing scents.

Mother to a son who falls on the autistic spectrum, Caitlin Cavallaro, was able to really experience one of these relaxing Lush moments in one of the stores thanks to an employee who went above and beyond for her son. According to Cavallaro's Facebook Post, after a morning of meltdowns, tantrums, punches, and broken iPad cases, she was in major need of a moment of peace. While at Lush, a saleswoman unexpectedly offered to play with her son while Cavallaro took a few minutes to shop.

In her post, she explained, "What could have been a traumatic experience, you turned in to one of our most enjoyable public outings. I so, so, SO needed this experience. Thanks for helping me to remember that not everyone will judge you and even the littlest thing can make your day! All this world needs is a little love and understanding and you sure helped prove that today!"

We love this moment of zen that was provided for such a deserving mama!


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