Parents Share the Times Their Kids Interrupted Sex, and We Can't Stop Laughing

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Some things just come naturally to children: sleeping, pooping and—apparently—ruining sexy time between their parents. When your kids catch you in the act, you can either own up to it, spit out a wild lie or just laugh it off. 

If you're lucky enough to keep away from this awkward exchange, read as Women's Health readers share stories of their kids' impeccable timing when it comes to spoiling the moment.

From the mom who was getting oral:

"One time my husband was going down on me in the middle of the night, and our son, who was 4 years old at the time, came sprinting into our room. Thank God my husband was underneath a sheet, or else we'd probably have had to answer some uncomfortable questions. It turned out he had a nightmare, and when he calmed down he asked why daddy was hiding under the covers. We told him that dad had a nightmare too so he was hiding. He bought it—but then he slept between us. That was the night we had to tell him that sometimes grownups sleep with no clothes on." —Jamie F.

From the dad who was trying to celebrate:

"My wife and I went out for our anniversary and left the kids with a babysitter. They were in bed when we got home. Since it was our anniversary, we wanted to celebratesexually. We were just getting into it when our youngest came storming into the room. She couldn't sleep because the babysitter had told her a scary story and she wanted to sleep in bed with us. Worst anniversary ever." —Shayne T. 

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From the mom who was almost naked:

"Our son was over at a friend's for the night for his first sleepover ever. So we were really excited to have a night alone to ourselves. But right when I took off my last piece of clothing, the phone rang. Our son decided he didn't want to sleep somewhere else, so we had to go and pick him up. He cock blocked us even when he wasn't in our freaking house!" —Beth Ann P.

From the mom who was in the shower:

"One morning, I decided to surprise my husband by hopping into the shower with him. We have our own bathroom that you have to go through the bedroom to get to. Of course, this was the day one of our daughters decided to get up earlier than normal and come into our room for something. Since we weren't in bed, she walked straight into the bathroom. She wanted to know why we were in the shower together. We told her we were both in a hurry and didn't want to take turns." —Mila S.

For more hilariously tragic stories from parents, check out the original story on Women's Health.


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