These Cheat Sheets Make Healthy Cooking a Whole Lot Easier

We know healthy eating can be hard. It's so tempting to roll through the drive-thru on your way home from work, or heat up a frozen pizza after a long day of shuttling kids from practice to practice. Hang these helpful infographics on your fridge to remind you eating healthy and clean is easier than it may seem! Hover over each graphic and click "Pin it" to pin it to one of your Pinterest boards. Happy cooking!

1. 14 Clean Eating Ingredient Swaps:

Clean Swaps

2. What It Takes To Burn Off Your Favorite Junk Food:

eat this infographic

3. A Day Of Healthy Eating:

a day of food: what to eat to lose weight infographic

4. Eat The Rainbow: Click here for a printable version!

eat the rainbow veggie chart

5. Portion Size Matters:

size matters infographic

6. How To Make The Perfect Green Smoothie:

perfect green smoothie infographic

7. Skinny Swaps For Baking:

baking substitutions infographic

8. 9 Delicious Protein Smoothies:

protein smoothies infographic

9. Compare Your Protein Sources:

protein source comparison

10. How Much Protein You Should Be Eating:

protein chart

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Which infographics will you be hanging on your fridge? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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