Healthy Easter Dinner Menu From Appetizers to Dessert

Easter Sunday is just around the corner, and if you're hosting Easter dinner this year, then it's time to get planning! Preparing big meals is difficult enough in itself, but keeping every dish healthy? That's almost unheard of. Lucky for you, we've planned out the perfect healthy Easter dinner menu so you don't have to worry about it!

Skinny Spinach and Artichoke Dip: It's no secret that we like to ruin our appetites on appetizers! And let's be honest, feeding your guests before dinner means more leftovers for you later! Make up this dip and serve it with veggies for a healthy appetizer to hold over the grumpy extended family until the ham is ready! Click here to check out the recipe.

Skinny Spinach artichoke dip

Deviled Eggs: You probably have two dozen dyed eggs thanks to the kids, so you may as well serve them up for an appetizer. However, if you've made deviled eggs before you probably know how unhealthy they can be. Instead, choose one of these 7 healthier deviled egg recipes! From a classic skinny recipe to a Guacamole deviled egg, you'll definitely hit home with one of these dishes.

deviled eggs
(Photo: The Super Sisters)

Skinny Broccoli Salad: This salad recipe has been a huge hit with Skinny Mom readers so we're confident your family will love it too. It's made up of broccoli, cauliflower, red and green bell peppers and more healthy goodies! To get the full ingredient list and watch Skinny Mom Founder and CEO Brooke Griffin prepare it in her kitchen, click here!

broccoli salad

Slow Cooker Brown Sugar Spiral Ham: Between sides, appetizers, a dessert, entraining the kids and in-laws, you don't have time to be watching a ham all afternoon. Instead, Get your slow cooker out in the morning and let it do its thing! Not only are you saving yourself time and hassle, but this recipe has about 200 calories per serving, so you're also saving yourself the calories! To get this recipe, click here.

slow cooker brown sugar spiral ham

Skinny Country Green Beans: No holiday spread is complete without its veggies, but a usual preparation of country green beans can really load on the fat. We've taken out the unnecessary unhealthy ingredients and made this classic dish into something that tastes great and treats your body right! Plus, this is another slow cooker meal, so you won't need to put more than 15 minutes of your time into it. Just be sure you have a two slow cookers for both this side dish and your ham! Click here to get the recipe.

skinny country green beans

Skinny Rosemary Garlic Mashed Potatoes: Mashed potatoes are expected at every holiday meal, so there's no way you can leave it out. Instead of withholding, serve up a skinny version to save yourself from the sneaky calories that get mashed in with the potatoes! This recipe has all the warm creamy comfort your family loves with a nutrition that will make your Weight Watcher friends jealous! For the full recipe and calorie count, click here.

skinny rosemary garlic mashed potatoes

Lemon Coconut Cake: You're probably prepping for swimsuit season, but Easter is a time to celebrate! By making a skinny deesert, you won't need to feel awful about a small indulgence. Just be sure you aren't hitting the Easter candy too hard the next day! This Lemon Coconut Cake is light, fluffy, refreshing and perfect for a springtime dessert after a heavy meal! Click here for the recipe.

lemon coconut cake

Strawberry Cool Whip Cookies: Let us start by saying you can have three cookies for only 187 calories. These cookies are very simple to make, but make sure to chill the dough or else they''ll come out a sticky mess. We also recommend to make a second batch if you've got a lot of company coming over because these cookie will go fast! For the full instruction list, click here.

strawberry cool whip cookies