'Ghost Hunters' Stars Daryl Marston and Mustafa Gatollari Preview Major Challenges With 'Suicide Hotel' Episode (Exclusive)


'Ghost Hunters' Stars Daryl Marston and Mustafa Gatollari Preview Major Challenges With 'Suicide Hotel' Episode (Exclusive)

What Does One Serving of Fruit Really Look Like?

If you're trying to eat healthy, you've probably been recommended that you swap your usual snack for a serving of fruit. But how much is that? Should you eat a handful of grapes or just grab an apple? According to the USDA, a serving of fruit is one cup. So what does that look like? We'll tell you!

Apple | about 65 calories per serving: Grab half of a large (3.25-inch diameter) or a whole small (2.5-inch diameter) apple. You can also slice or chop 1 cup full of raw or cooked apples.

one serving apples

Orange | about 85 calories per serving: For a tangy snack, enjoy one large (3-1/16-inch diameter) orange or one cup full of sections.

Grape | about 65 calories per serving: One cup of whole or cut-up grapes is about equivalent to 32 seedless grapes. This makes for a great snack if you like to have something to munch on for a while.

one serving grape

Banana | about 130 calories per serving: One cup of banana slices will make a serving, or grab one large (8" to 9" long) banana.

one serving banana

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Cantaloupe | about 60 calories per serving: Fill one cup of melon, diced or in balls. You could also have two wedges from a medium-sized melon (⅛ of a melon each).

Grapefruit | about 100 calories per serving: 1 medium (4-inch diameter) grapefruit is about equivalent to one cup of grapefruit sections. Both will make for a great snack if you're tired of your usual.

one serving grapefruit

Peach | about 65 calories per serving: A juicy peach makes for a great midday snack. 1 large (2 ¾-inch diameter) peach, one cup of sliced or diced, raw, cooked, or canned (drained) peaches, or two halves of canned peaches are equivalent to one serving.

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Pear | about 100 calories per servingIf you want to make a pear part of your morning snack, one medium pear (2.5 per pound) or one cup of sliced or diced, raw, cooked, or canned (drained) pears will count as a serving!

one serving pear

Pineapple | about 85 calories per servingPineapple makes for a great fresh snack or tastes awesome on top of low-sodium cottage cheese! One cup of pineapple is chunks, sliced or crushed, are one serving, regardless if they are raw, cooked or canned (drained).

one serving pineapple

Plum | about 80 calories per servingPack a plum for a sweet treat! A serving is one cup sliced raw or cooked, or three medium or two large plums. This is a great fruit to mix with another! Try a large plum in your lunch and half a cup of apple slices as your snack!

Strawberry | about 60 calories per servingAbout eight large berries or one cup of whole, halved, or sliced, fresh or frozen strawberries make up a serving. They are great for snacking on in the office!

one serving strawberry

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Watermelon | about 45 calories per serving: One small wedge (1-inch thick) or one cup of diced or balls of watermelon will make a serving. When watermelon is in season, it's a must-have snack! Plus, there are so many different ways to eat it!

one serving watermelon

Dried Fruit | calories dependent of type of fruit: Half a cup of dried fruit is equivalent to one cup of fruit. It's great for snacking on or mixing into a skinny trail mix! Be aware of sneaky sugars hiding in some packaged dried fruits however.

100% Fruit Juice | calories dependent of type of fruit: One cup of juice is the same as eating a cup of fruit! Like dried fruit, sugars really sneak in here, so check the ingredient label!

To see the original information from the USDA, click here.