WWE's Seth Rollins Banned From Another Music Festival


WWE's Seth Rollins has been banned from yet another music festival. A sign posted outside the concert venue in Gorge, Washington has a list of everything that is prohibited at the festival. The list includes things like: laser pointers, selfie sticks, pets, and WWE Superstar Seth Rollins.

Hopefully Rollins wasn't planning on checking out country music stars such as Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Eric Church and more last weekend because apparently he would not have been allowed in the venue. No word yet as to why the Watershed fest banned Rollins.

In fact, Rollins also remains perplexed as to why he is prohibited from viewing the concert as well. Rollins tweeted a photo of the sign with the caption: "Why does this keep happening to me?"

At the end of June, Rollins was previously banned from another country music festival in New York. A photo from the FarmBorough Music Festival made the rounds on Twitter with a similar sign to the one in Washington.

The 30-year-old wrestler responded to the news at the first concert by tweeting a fan photo with the caption: "No idea what #FarmBoroughFestival is or why I'm banned from it, but this is excellent news."


While it could be possible that the Watershed Festival simply copied the same sign from the FarmBorough Festival, nobody seems to know why Rollins has been banned.

Do you think this was just a publicity stunt, or do you really think Seth Rollins was actually banned from these country music festivals?