Ariel Winter Gets 'Down and Dirty' in New Workout Video

In case you weren’t aware, Ariel Winter’s workouts get results. The 20-year-old Modern Family star flaunted her toned body on Instagram after a day full of flipping heavy tractor tires.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

In her Instagram story, Winter wore a black hooded sweatshirt and leggings that showed off her real-life peach emoji during her hardcore workout.

“Getting down & dirty today @mackfit," she captioned a video of herself squatting and flipping a tire.

The same day, she showed off her flat tummy in a photo series with boyfriend Levi Meaden and some friends during an athletic adventure in Arizona. The group took an off-road ATV trip through the Sonoran desert, complete with bandana masks and all.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

In one pic, Winter gave Meaden a smooth on the cheek while the group paused for a group shot in the middle of the desert.

(Photo: Instagram / @arielwinter)

Winter has been showing off her hard work in the gym as of late, sharing workouts and scantily-clad selfies alike on social media.

Along with her fitness journey, Winter has also been sharing photos of her relationship over the past year with boyfriend Levi Meaden. In February, she shared a steamy Valentine’s Day post dedicated to the 30-year-old.

"Happy Valentines Day baby," she wrote in the caption. "I love you more than words could ever even begin to express. You are my everything. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to be able to share this life with you. Thank you for making me so unbelievably happy.”

She defended the age gap between her and Meaden to Refinery29 last year, saying, "I’m happy, and whatever people want to say, they can say."

"I don’t understand why someone would even comment on our situation at all. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal," she said of the fact that they live together.

"There are tons of people of all ages that live with their boyfriend. There are tons of people that live with their girlfriends, [and] tons of people that don’t live together and are super happy," she continued. "But I’m super happy in the arrangement that we have. We love living together. It’s just great."

Winter revealed a new-found confidence after undergoing a breast reduction surgery in 2015.

"It was an instant weight lifted off my chest — both literally and figuratively. There's a confidence you find when you finally feel right in your body," she told PEOPLE in 2016.

"Being a 5-ft.-tall girl and having extremely large breasts is really ostracizing and excruciatingly painful," she added.


Winter told Refinery29 that Meaden also helps make her feel comfortable in her skin.

"I have to say he is the most incredible person I’ve ever met and that I’m so lucky to be with him," she said. "He’s always complimenting me and making me feel special and beautiful. We went grocery shopping today, and I was in, like, a weird T-shirt that I kind of hate and my semi-pajama pants, and he still took the time to tell me that I look pretty. Even when I do feel bad about myself, he’s just there to support me and pick me back up when I’m feeling down."