Julianne Hough Has Strong Words for Anyone 'Too Busy' to Work Out

Julianne Hough wants to hear your best workout excuses, but prepare to be shut down.

The former Dancing With the Stars judge relies on her daily workout routines not only to maintain her insanely fit body for dancing or acting gigs, but to keep her mind centered and clear to take on every day.

“Healthy living is where it all starts in order to have a clear thought, make good choices, be positive, be a great example for your family or friends and be courageous enough to take risks,” the 29-year-old told PopCulture.com.

“You need to have positive, good energy and I find that when you have positive, good energy because you moved your body, it just makes it easier to get,” Hough added.

As a newlywed and busy charwoman, Hough said she understands that life can be busy and exhausting, but that’s never a valid excuse to skip your workouts.

The Safe Haven actress credits a pact she made with husband Brooks Laich to “protect the things that are important” to them for her unwavering commitment to fitness, and she offers some admittedly harsh words for those who don’t have that sort of plan in place.

“Wouldn’t you rather take an hour off and ask a neighbor to watch your kids or something, so that you can have some space and time for you to then be a better wife or mom?” she asked. “I think it’s important to have your own space and your own time to be the best version of you. Whatever that is — it might not even be working out. It might be ‘I love to paint’ so take an hour to go paint by yourself.”

Hough promises that her sacrifices for fitness aren’t meant to seem superficial and argued that women should never feel guilty for putting themselves first.

“It’s not a vanity thing… This is important to me because it gives me my time and also it’s helping me be clear and clear-headed and be the best version of myself, so that I can give love to Brooks or my family or my friends and my future children,” she said. “I think it’s just prioritizing what’s important to you and really protecting that.”

For those who aren’t sure where to start in taking Hough’s wellness advice, she offers up some simple exercises that busy women can do anytime, anywhere.

“I work out while I’m brushing my teeth, while I’m making dinner. I do little things around the house while I’m there or if I’ll be out all day and won’t be about to get in my normal workout, I’ll just do a couple little exercises on my own to get my body moving,” she said.

Those simple moves often entail holding the side of the wall for calf raises “or I might do a little squat or two or lunge forward or a couple side oblique crunches.”


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Photo credit: Instagram / @juleshough