Why Cindy Crawford’s Workout from the ’80s Still Works Today

We’re often told to vary our workout routines to avoid plateauing, and while that is true, supermodel Cindy Crawford has found the perfect way to vary a basic routine she loves so much that she’s been doing it for 30 years!

Crawford’s routine consists of 30 minutes of cardio followed by 30 minutes to an hour of old-school calisthenics, including weight lifting, lunges, bicep curls and squats. The cardio varies from using the elliptical to running stairs and trampolining, ensuring that Crawford’s muscles don’t get accustomed to her workout. This also keeps her excited about working out, which she says she often does while listening to audiobooks like Amy Schumer’s The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo.

Crawford has been famous for her commitment to fitness ever since the production of her own workout DVDs made in collaboration with her personal trainers Radu and Kathy Kaehler in the mid-1990s and early 2000s, respectively. Though Crawford notes that her initial commitment to fitness was mostly due to her work as a fashion model, these days, she works out to feel strong and capable, “Knowing that when my husband asks if I can help move the couch, I can do it."

(Credit: Giphy.com)

Like the all of us, Crawford isn’t always excited to wake up for her morning workouts three times a week, but her effective, no-frills routine makes it easy for her to get her cardio and strength training done in one session, ensuring she’s treating both cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength with equal attention. This, in fact, is what makes Crawford’s workout so evergreen: it works to improve different types of fitness, ensuring she always gets a well-rounded workout.

Crawford’s commitment to fitness doesn’t stop at her weekly workouts, however. She also tries to make time each week to go for a bike ride with her husband or meet one of her friends for a hike, which ensures she also gets in some cross-training and gives the muscles she works during her weekly training sessions a break, which allows other muscles a chance to strengthen and prevents injuries.

In fact, Crawford’s fitness routine is a great example of how to effectively train different muscle groups to avoid plateauing and prevent injuries. Trampolining and using the elliptical are easy on the joints, and varying them along with doing stairs means that Crawford’s body is always challenged by her workouts and doesn’t have time to adapt to the routine. Her calisthenics ensure she builds muscle, and weight lifting helps her build muscle endurance. It’s easy to see why Crawford has stuck to this basic routine for the last thirty years, and it’s proof that once you find a way of exercising you love, stick to it!