The Core Move That Rocks Ashley Graham's Abs

Looking for a unique core move that’ll get your abs in tip-top shape? You’ll love Ashley Graham's move for strong abs that she shared on her Instagram story this past weekend. The 30-year-old supermodel and her mom broke a sweat together in a BOSU ball "mommy daughter workout" at the boxing ring.

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(Photo: Instagram / @theashleygraham)

The Move: Plank Knee Twist on BOSU Ball


Step 1: Grab a BOSU ball and turn it over so the rounded side is face down. Start in pushup plank position with your hands resting on the turned over BOSU ball.

Step 2: Making sure to keep your abs tight and your booty low, drive your left knee forward toward your chest, and then extend it across your body to the right side trying to make contact with your opposite elbow.

Step 3: Bring your leg back so you are back in pushup plank position and repeat with your right leg. Continue alternating legs as quickly as possible.

Why this move is effective:

This move targets your entire core, with extra emphasis on your oblique muscles due to the twisting motion of your hips.

The BOSU ball is perfect for adding a challenge to any workout move or routine, especially when you utilize it to target your core. It amps up your core work big-time, as well as helps you to strengthen your stabilizer muscles and improve your balance.

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Photo credit: Instagram / @theashleygraham