Megan Fox Poses for New Frederick's of Hollywood Lingerie Photos

She may have had an "awful" time getting back in shape after having her third child, but Megan Fox is flaunting her famous body in a new holiday ad for Fredericks of Hollywood lingerie, where Fox serves as the creative director.

Megan Fox in our latest lingerie 🌹

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The lingerie brand shared a racy pic from the photo shoot in which Fox is stretched against a wall wearing a blue velvet lingerie set. The lacy bra shows off her curves while the matching set of high-waisted bottoms travel up her flat, toned tummy. The garter belt attached to sexy sheer knee-highs draws attention to her long, lean legs.

The mom of three said that after having her third child, son Journey, in August of 2016, that getting her pre-pregnancy body back was harder than it was with either of her two earlier pregnancies.

“I worked out really hard," the 31-year-old told Extra. "This time, it was a struggle for me and there was a lot of walks and very long runs. It was awful.”

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And while Fox is proving that motherhood looks just as good on her as that lingerie, she says it's taken more of a toll on her this time around.

“I haven’t slept in almost a year," she said in September. "There's not one night that I have slept through the night. I’m still breastfeeding and he wakes up all the time, and then the other two come and wake me up, get in bed also.”

"I do generally bounce back pretty quick, but it does take a lot of work – I had to work out harder this time than I had to ever work out in my life!" she told PEOPLE.

Plus, she says the experience helped her love and appreciate her body.

"It was difficult but I will say, the appreciation I have for what my body is capable of and how motivated I can be in my ability to achieve a goal is greatly enhanced from going through that experience," she said.

Fox says she keeps that slim figure by doing intense circuit training twice a week and by eating clean and following the Paleo diet.

"I cut out all bread and those sort of carbohydrates," she told E! Online. "No crackers, no pretzels, no chips. Nothing unhealthy. The worst thing I put in my body is coffee, once a day."

Fox recently came under fire for sharing a photo of her oldest son, Noah, 5, in a dress on Instagram. Haters and fans battled it out in the comments sections after the pic of Noah in a Frozen dress was published.

"Don't let your boy wear Cinderella dresses," one user commented. "It's highly confusing for the kid. Honestly thought he was a girl. smh This society is Lost."

Megan you are a sick woman, is really awful how you are teaching you son to be a homosexual," wrote a crude anonymous user. "He is a baby and you are a pervert."

Other commenters came to Noah and Fox's defense. One person wrote: "I cant believe people are really trying to make decisions and tell you what you can and not let your kid wear. If he likes the dress, let him wear it. Why do people think its okay to hate on a little boy for wearing what he thinks is pretty. She's not making him something he isn't, she's letting him make his own choices. Doesn't matter what anyone else says."

Fox told Jimmy Kimmel that she doesn't care what her son wears.

"The boys can wear dresses. Noah wears dresses so there are no rules - you can be whatever you want to be in my house," she said.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @fredericks_ofhollywood