Julianne Hough Reveals Pact She Made With Brooks Laich Before Marriage

Julianne Hough’s fairytale wedding photos left fans awing over her relationship with NHL player Brooks Laich, but the most swoon-worthy detail happened long before their nuptials.

The former Dancing With the Stars judge and pro told PopCulture.com that the strength of their relationship stems from an agreement they made early on in their budding romance.

“When I first met Brooks, he told me that we both need to protect the things that are important to us, and we both sat down and thought about it and asked ourselves, ‘What are the things that I need to protect that I would eventually get resentful over?’ " the Ringer actress said.

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For Hough, it was her commitment to fitness and the alone time she required when working out that couldn’t be compromised. Ironically, he felt the same way.

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Still, that doesn’t mean the couple scheduled workout dates to make it work.

“We have different times that we like to do it and different situations, but his was like ‘I have to work out after every hockey game and I don’t wanna feel bad that you’re waiting for me but that’s really important to me,’ " Hough said.

The couple recognizes their needs as individually and supports each other as they sneak away for those hour-long workouts when they can fit them in.

And for Hough, the need to work out isn’t just a requirement to stay fit for her entertainment jobs; it’s a necessity to help her function properly.

“It’s not a vanity thing. It’s important to me because it gives me my time and it’s helping me be clear and clear-headed and be the best version of myself so that I can give love to Brooks or my family or friends or my future children,” she added. “It’s just prioritizing what’s important to you and really protecting that.”

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Even on the busiest of days, Hough says she finds a quiet space to get active for a few minutes between activities.

“I work out while I’m brushing my teeth, while I’m making dinner… I’ll just do a couple little exercises on my own to get my body moving,” the Fitbit ambassador said. “Whether that’s holding the side of the wall and doing calf raises or I might do a little squat or two, lunge forward or do a couple side oblique crunches.”

But no matter what you’re into, Hough suggests coming to a similar agreement with your partner to make sure you keep up with what’s important, no matter how busy you get.

“I think it’s important to have your own space and your own time to be the best version of you,” she said. “Whatever that is — it might not even be working out. It might be ‘I love to paint,’ so take an hour to go paint by yourself.”