Sam Smith Looks Almost Unrecognizable After Shedding 50 Pounds

When Sam Smith released his debut album in 2014, fans swooned over his emotional tracks like “Stay With Me.” Three years later, the ballad singer is releasing his second record, The Thrill Of It All, and while his voice sounds just as smooth and sexy, his body looks drastically different.

The “Too Good At Goodbyes” artist first opened up about his struggle with emotional eating in 2015, just before he set out on his weight loss journey.

“From a young age, food has controlled me, basically,” he told 60 Minutes Australia. “When I was at school and wasn’t having a great time or when music wasn’t going very well, I would eat. When I felt lonely, I would eat.”

See Smith's transformation from 2014 to 2017:

(Photo: Getty / Gary Miller, Getty / David M. Benett)

The Grammy winner also told former NBC correspondent Natalie Morales that he was teased in school for being gay and overweight.

“When someone calls you gay, there’s not much you can do about that, because I am,” he told Morales on Today. “When someone calls you fat, there’s something I can do about that.”

In 2015, Smith worked with nutritional therapist Amelia Freer (who also worked with late night host James Corden) to help shed unwanted pounds and transform his self-proclaimed volatile relationship with eating.

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"I met a woman who has completely changed my life," he wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post in March, Us Weekly reports. "Amelia Freer has helped me lose over a stone [14 pounds] in two weeks and has completely transformed my relationship with food.”

“It's not even about weight loss it's about feeling happy in yourself,” he continued. “Love you Amelia & thank you for making me feel so happy inside and out.”

The Daily Express reports that Smith cut gluten, dairy and refined sugar, plus started making meals from scratch, to lose more than 50 pounds, but the singer told Extra he “basically stopped eating as much” to transform his figure.

Since overhauling his eating habits, Smith has also taken up exercise to round out his healthy lifestyle.

The “gym junkie” now hits the fitness studio three times a week, working out with a personal trainer for intense cardio and weightlifting sessions, he told Billboard.

Now, Smith is anticipating the release of his sophomore album next month and its accompanying tour, which he says will be a different atmosphere this time around with his healthier routine.

“I’ve drank all the drinks now, there’s no more drinks to drink at the moment,” he joked to “I’m trying to clear my body and my mind and I’m going to be a granny on tour. That’s my aim this time. Candles and hot water and Sex and the City.”