Jennifer Lopez's Trainer Shows How the Star Stays Gorgeous at 48

One of the best tricks for staying motivated is remembering that we all have the same amount of time in a day to work out— even gorgeous goddesses like J.Lo are saddled with the same 24 hours that we all have. So there's no excuse for slacking— if crazy-busy celebs can make time for a sweat sesh, so can we. You might be surprised to find out, however, that Jennifer Lopez's favorite workout is only 32 minutes long— that's right, just over a half-hour a day can give you the incredibly toned body that the seemingly-ageless star as achieved.

As Lopez's trainer David Kirsch told People, the magic 32-minute workout has major star power, but isn't just for the elite. "It’s also very specific to celebrities but also non-celebrities. You’ve got mothers dropping their kids off, who’ve got a few minutes to get a good workout in and then feel great about the day," he explained. So what exactly is included in this powerful routine? Kirsch relies on a mix of activities using resistance bands, dumbells, gliders, and medicine balls— all items you'd find at your regular gym. The entire session goes through 16 different moves, meaning you're doing each one for an average of just two minutes or so— a realistic goal that anyone can achieve. Better still, each move can be adapted to better suit your personal fitness level— Kirsch encourages it, in fact. Here are the moves Kirsch demonstrated to People, and how to do them:

Wide-stance squat

Complete 20 reps.

Reverse lunges

Complete 20 reps.

Plank on medicine ball

Hold for 30 seconds. (If you're feeling it, go ahead and add a push-up too.)

Lateral lunge

Complete 20 reps.

Dumbbell row to tricep extension

Complete 20 reps.

Shoulder taps

Complete 20 reps.

Side planks

Hold for one minute.

Overhead slams with medicine ball

Complete 20 reps.

Torso rotation with resistance band

This move is a little different. With the resistance band tethered to a wall or post, stand with your knees locked and legs bend, arms straight in front of you. Rotate your torso and arms away from the band's anchor. Complete 10 reps per side.

Squat with row and bicep curl with resistance band

Facing the wall or anchorpoint of the resistance band, hold one side in each hand. Pull the band tight, then squat. Return to standing and pull the bands behind you in a row motion. Complete 15 reps.

Tricep extensions with resistance band

We love this variation because it doesn't require you to anchor your resistance band to a wall. Complete 20 reps.

Medicine ball sit-ups

Make sure you've got your classic sit-up form down perfectly before adding a medicine ball! Complete 20 reps.

Weighted jackknives

As it's probably one of the more difficult moves in this routine, feel free to adapt this move for your own fitness level— we particularly like this variation. Complete 20 reps.

Russian twists

To switch things up, you can also try kneeling Russian twists. Complete 20 reps.

Push-ups with glider

No gliders? No problem. This variation replicates the motion of the move without any props. Complete 20 reps.

Pike-up planks with gliders

Feeling extra ambitious? After sliding feet with gliders into a pike position from a plank, take it a step further and add in a kick.