This Is What Joanna Gaines Eats to Stay Healthy and Energized

Joanna Gaines — mom of four, owner of Magnolia Market, one-half of HGTV's Fixer Upper — is a role model and inspiration for amateur designers and do-it-all personalities out there.

But with a hectic schedule like that, she doesn't have time to waste on any food that isn't fueling her busy days.

Instead, Joanna makes sure her family stays energized and on-point with tons of healthy, garden-fresh vegetables (she grows them herself), lean proteins, and smoothies for a snack.

But, of course, she and her family also treat themselves to some home-made treats from the farmhouse and Silos Baking Company!

If you're looking to give you diet a demo day, here's what Joanna eats to keep herself on track to be the busiest multi-tasking mom out there.


The best source of protein to start your day? Eggs. These pre-portioned beauties are perfect for the AM rush.

Joanna prepares them over-easy for Chip, layered over pancakes for an extra boost of energy, while when the kids make breakfast in bed for a treat, they opt for scrambled.

Of course, the family uses freshly-laid eggs collected from the farmhouse property's chickens.

Biscuits and bread

There's one thing that pops up on Gaines' Instagram feed again and again: baking-in-progress pics. Whether for her family, her upcoming cookbook or the bakery, this mom is always mixing up a doughy delight.

The Texas gal has a major soft spot for southern-style biscuits and fresh-baked bread, which is much healthier than store-bought sandwich stuff.

Roasted vegetables

With so many gorgeous fresh-from-the-garden veggies to choose from, it's no wonder that every meal at the Gaines household includes a healthy helping of greens.

The Fixer Upper designer says her kids prefer the flavor of roasted vegetables as opposed to raw or steamed, so she chops everything into bite-size pieces, tosses it with olive oil, salt and pepper, then she lets the oven do its magic.

"It's simple," Gaines told fans in an Instagram post. "Line your pan with foil and drizzle your veggies with olive oil (I like to stir around to make sure it's all coated) and then sprinkle with sea salt and fresh ground pepper. Bake at 425 degrees for 20-25 minutes."

She also said adding sweet potato to the mix curbs her sweet tooth, while roasted kale is a pretty yummy addition, too!

Fresh juice

Gaines' latest obsession? Green juice.

Our two oldest have started their own juicing business at home- breakfast only cost me 30 cents this morning! 😂

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The HGTV cast member sips on some in the mornings and while working out her next projects to get a boost during that afternoon slump.

She particularly likes the green juice from nearby Luna Juice Bar, though nothing beats these fresh juices made by her kids, of course.

The family also keeps fruit trees on the farmhouse property so they can enjoy delicious oranges whenever they're craving something flavorful.

Photo credit: Instagram / @joannagaines