Jessica Alba's 4-Ingredient Healthy Smoothie Is the Ideal Way to Start Every Day

When healthy gal Jessica Alba spills one of her go-to recipes, you take notes.

The actress, entrepreneur and mom-to-be teased fans with a boomerang video sipping her yummy concoction on Instagram Monday.

Sporting a hat and cute tumbler, Alba wrote, “Check out my story to see how I make my favorite morning smoothie…,” so we did just that.

Check out Alba’s healthy breakfast smoothie recipe:

Add 16.9 fl oz. coconut water (Alba used Zico) to blender.
Add one serving Vanilla protein powder (Alba used Garden Life) to blender.
Add one banana to blender.
Add one scoop Matcha powder (Alba used DoMatcha) to blender.
Blend ingredients.
Transfer to cup and add ice.

Yum! This is one you’ll definitely want to try.

Though we’ve been admiring Alba’s fit figure and her dedication to living a healthy, natural lifestyle, health and wellness consultant Kelly LeVeque says the actress has struggled to stay healthy in the past. But with LeVeque’s guidance, she says Alba dropped 11 inches in just six weeks and now knows how to fuel her body.

First of those game-changers is one Alba obviously took to heart: starting the day with a high-protein smoothie! Sipping a healthy drink starts the day on a positive noted and the protein eliminates cravings between breakfast and lunch. When you begin with a healthy meal, you will be mindful about what you're putting into your body for the rest of the day — in other words, you’ll be less likely to veer off course.

LeVeque also encouraged Alba to eat "the fab four”, which is basically a new and improved food pyramid. The four food groups you need at every meal are healthy fats, protein, fiber and greens. Within these guidelines, the options are endless, and keeping fewer foods off limits means you're more likely to stick with this "diet.”

By now, you may have noticed that this diet that led Alba to shed inches isn't really a diet at all—it's more of a mindset shift. "With lifestyle diets, people start to feel guilty when eating off-plan," LeVeque told Women's Health. But with LeVeque's strategy, foods aren't either forced or forbidden: "For me, if you don’t like kale, that’s fine," she says.

Photo credit: Instagram / @jessicaalba