Nina Dobrev Reveals Body Image Struggles and One Major Regret

Nina Dobrev is here to confirm that, no matter how gorgeous and successful, everyone has gone through that "awkward" phase.

The beautiful Vampire Diaries actress confessed to ET recently that she definitely wasn't as confident as you might expect during her younger years. "I was a pretty awkward, weird person," she said. She went on to say that it wasn't until she stopped hiding her true self that she found happiness. Once Dobrev embraced her uniqueness, "that's when I started to feel more like myself," she states.

But according to the actress, she still holds onto some major regrets from that time in her life. "There's a million things I nit-picked at a younger age," she says, and that period of negativity toward her body is still something she thinks about. "...When I look back at photos or videos from those days — when I wish I could've changed my body — now all I wish is to go back and have that body!"

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Certainly this regret isn't unique to Dobrev, and her comments speak volumes about the number of women who struggle with similar feelings (who among us hasn't bullied our bodies in the moment, only to later wish we looked now the way we looked then?). The fact that even a successful star like Dobrev has had those same trials is comforting, but also says something concerning about our culture as a whole.

These days, Dobrev is thinking about her body in a new way. Her partnership with Reebok has spurred her on to try new fitness routines, including group workouts — something that has made a major impact both mentally and physically.

As she mentions in her Reebok feature, "You can't beat working out as a group: you push each other to go further and there's a real sense of empowerment that makes you feel like part of a community." (We can't help but agree — it's part of why we love group workouts like these so much.) "Working out with your friends also gives you a little competitive drive. It’s fun to be challenged by others and even watch them succeed," she says.

One more added benefit? Surrounded by friends, negative self-talk — like the kind Dobrev struggled with in the past — doesn't stand a chance. (Consider it another reason to call your girls next time you hit the gym.)