Carrie Underwood's Bad Habit Is One Every Mom Can Relate To

carrie underwood
(Photo: Twitter / @cmtcody)

She may be a music superstar with sold-out tours, but Carrie Underwood is like any other mom — she eats her son's leftovers.

The country star recently spent the day with Buzzfeed and admitted that one of her biggest bad habits isn’t getting in her daily workout, but resisting the leftovers on her son’s plate.

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“I feel like one of my biggest problems is not making myself eat his food doesn’t eat,” she said of the habit. “I hate wasting food and I hate wasting water. If I’m going to put it on my plate, I’m going to eat it all. I make enough just for us and I don’t ever want to waste it. I’ll eat leftovers for a week because I hate wasting food.”

The health-conscious musician also reveals that she’s relaxed a little bit with her workouts. While exercise is still one of her top priorities, Underwood fits working out in wherever she can, even if just half an hour a day.

But Underwood, who considers herself vegetarian though she tries to keep close to a vegan diet, admits she has another “bad” habit as well. The singer finds it difficult to resist cheese.

I want so badly to be vegan, but cheese is definitely an issue. I’ll have spells where I have no dairy, and I’m good, I’m great, I feel good,” Underwood explained. “But it makes me feel bad, too. I don’t know why I do it, but that’s kind of my Kryptonite.”


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