Danica Patrick Has the Internet Spinning with 'Real vs Produced' Photos of Her Abs

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is well known for her major driving skills — as well as her insanely toned bod. But the 35-year-old wants you to know that even her washboard abs can be angled and lit to look more impressive than they are in everyday light.

Patrick posted an image of her two side-by-side photos of her abs, each taken at different angles and in different lighting, writing, "I kinda love when people do real vs produced shots."

"The difference between the two is lighting, pose, and clothes adjustments. We all want to look our best at all times, no shame in that. But don't let someone else's body put yours down. Use it for motivation," she wrote.

She encouraged her followers to "be the best you" and to treat their bodies with "respect."

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"It's the one and only thing we own for life."

Patrick works hard for her super fit figure. In an Instagram post earlier this month, she shared that her body received "minimal retouches" on the cover of her new diet and exercise book, Pretty Intense: The 90-Day Mind, Body and Food Plan that will absolutely Change Your Life.

"Many of you thought it was highly retouched and the main thing they do is even out the skin tone, mostly on the legs," she wrote in the caption.

"I worked very hard. Anyone can be lean and muscular if they want to.....but you have to put in the work and learn how to eat right."

She told Sports Illustrated last summer that she's super into CrossFit and circuit and interval training. During her CrossFit workouts, she sticks to Olympic-style lifting — exercises like cleans, deadlifts, squats, push presses and strict presses.

Her favorite bodyweight/CrossFit-type exercise? Burpees. "I have no problem with burpees," she said. "I really like burpees; I'll just keep going."

Patrick's book, due out in December, consists of healthy mental, physical and food habits, as well as a 12-week workout program and 50 healthy recipes, all designed and tested by Patrick herself.

“It’s all the things I have learned though growth in the mind and body,” she explained on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Getty / Kevin Mazur / Contributor


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