Celebrity Trainer Erin Oprea Shares a New Workout We’re Dying to Try

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Whenever we find ourselves scrolling the Instagram feeds of our favorite stars looking for fitness tips (a regular occurrence), there’s one name that pops up over and over: Erin Oprea. As a celebrity trainer to Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer and Kelsea Ballerini, she seems to have mastered the secret sauce for successful workouts.

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So, naturally, she’s one of our go-to calls when it comes to finding new ways to make our workouts count. And since she recently teamed up with The Bachelorette stars Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe to create a completely new kind of fitness event, we knew we needed the scoop on her favorite tips and tricks.

Her first piece of advice? Revise your idea of “routine.” “Workouts are something that need to change nearly every [time], whether you’re Carrie Underwood or not. It’s all about keeping it fresh!” she says. “Goals change as well throughout the years, and with people who go hard at their workouts, new challenges need to be created. Keep pushing yourself!”

Not sure where to start? Erin mentions that Tabata training is a recent addition to some of her clients’ workouts. “[It] can be incorporated into all kinds of great trends [from] plyometrics and TRX-style straps to boxing.”

What's Tabata? Put briefly, it’s a style of HIIT that involves 20 seconds of high intensity then 10 seconds of rest, completed for 8 rounds. “You get that burn in a small amount of time,” explains Erin. And apparently it’s a hit with her clients!

Another emerging idea that’s close to Erin’s heart is the push to work out outside the gym. In fact, that was the inspiration behind her new project CitySTRONG, a touring “workout party” that uses the diverse features of different cities in lieu of a traditional gym. “Shawn Booth and I wanted to make fitness into a party, highlighting the city you’re in… We wanted to make CitySTRONG not just about us but about the workout journey of our participants, and give back to charity as well.” CitySTRONG, which will be appearing in Cleveland on Satuday, April 8, partners with CreatiVets.org to lend a charitable aspect to each event. As Shawn explains about the events thus far, “Every city has been incredible; the energy has been crazy everywhere we go and people work super hard!”

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Though both Erin and Shawn like to keep some surprises up their sleeves when it comes to CitySTRONG, music will be an integral part of each city’s event. “I always keep an up-to-date music playlist on my phone,” says Shawn when asked about staying motivated. Considering that his fiancée Kaitlyn is the team’s DJ, that’s no surprise. “Music matters so much in our CitySTRONG events, and you have to keep it fresh to keep the party going!” Kaitlyn explains. When asked what new additions have made an appearance on her set list, she recommends “The Touch” by KOLAJ and “Guys My Age” by Hey Violet. But of course, sometimes old favorites pop up as well. “If you want that old-school feeling, then you have to get 'This Is How We Do It' by Montell Jordan!,” she says. Duly noted.

But what about after the party’s over? Erin’s post-workout weakness is pancakes—but the way she makes them, they’re not a vice at all. “Vanilla USANA protein powder, flax seed and coconut flower are the main ingredients, alongside unsweetened vanilla almond milk and egg whites.” If that sounds like an ambitious snack for when you’re already exhausted, plan ahead and mix up the batter before you start your workout. “Meal prepping is the best shortcut you can have. Once you have healthy options available, eating clean become simpler,” notes Erin. We agree that removing obstacles like time-consuming cooking is the best way to stick to a routine, whether that’s a diet or a workout regimen.

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Another great way to make sure you stick to your routine is to invite friends (or your partner!) along for your workout. Kaitlyn and Shawn admit that they work out together frequently, but that doesn’t mean they’re always stuck in the gym. “Keeping fit together can also mean going on a hike or a walk,” Kaitlyn says.

In fact, part of what makes their CitySTRONG events unique is the excitement of friends working out together. “I have always thought fitness was fun, and Shawn and I wanted everyone to experience how we see fitness,” explains Erin.

If you’re looking to switch up your workout routine and re-discover your city in the process, be sure to catch Erin, Shawn and Kaitlyn for their next CitySTRONG event!

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