Try the Calorie-Torching Exercises Chrissy Teigen Swears By

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Everyone fell in love with the relatable Chrissy Teigen even more so than usual when she spilled the beans on how celebrity moms lose the baby weight so quickly. So now that we know she has some extra help coming in (whereas most other working moms don't have the limited resource to hire a chef, trainer and/or nanny) it's easy to dismiss her stunning post-baby body as something unattainable for most "regular" moms.

Take her recent ensemble at the American Music Awards, for example:

But it doesn't hurt to be curious about how exactly she stays in shape, does it?

The 30-year-old told SELF magazine that she works out every day (even while she was pregnant with daughter Luna) and swears by Body by Simone, a celeb-favorite class that mixes dance, cardio and strength training. Simone De La Rue, the founder of Body by Simone, shared four of Teigen's favorite BBS exercises while she was pregnant:

1. Tricep Shredder: "With your right hand, hold one end of a resistance band overhead. With your left hand, reach behind you to grab the opposite end of the band," says De La Rue. "Bend right elbow and straighten arm to reach up to the ceiling. Start with three sets of 10 reps, then switch to the other arm." 

2. Core Strengthener: "Pop a plank position, lower your right knee down to the floor and lift back to start position. Lower your left knee down to the floor, then lift back to start position. Lower both knees down to the floor and lift back to start position. That counts as one rep, now do 19 more."

3. Pony Kick: "Get onto all fours and place a small exercise ball between your right calf and thigh. Bring your heel toward your butt so your hamstring contracts. Lower your knee to the floor, squeeze glutes, and kick your heel toward the ceiling. Lower back to the floor and repeat. Do 30 reps on each side." 

4. Free Run: "Chrissy used to give the boxers a run for their money with the jump rope, but she feels uncomfortable doing that when she’s pregnant,' says De La Rue. "So now she does gentle running on a mini-trampoline while holding her belly. It’s great because it’s low-impact cardio."

Mother's Day Brunch - low and slow scrambled eggs, chicken and waffles and roasted bacon, oh my!

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We're all pretty familiar with Teigen's diet, given her recent cookbook "Cravings". But what kind of staples are always in her kitchen? Check them out:

  • Eggs
  • Avocado
  • Tuna salad
  • Green juice
  • Seaweed sheets
  • Sashimi
  • Cashews and almonds

Do you have any of Chrissy Teigen's healthy eating favs in your own pantry? Share your thoughts in the comments below!