WWE Fans Punch Back After ESPN Personality Knocks Kevin Owens’ Win, Son’s Reaction

(Photo: Thecomeback.com)

Kevin Owens took home the WWE Universal title win and the wrestler's 8-year-old son Owen Steen reacted in the cutest way possible. But ESPN personality Amin Elhassan took to Twitter to tell the child it was "scripted." Now he's up against the ropes.

Regardless of whether wrestling is "scripted" or not, WWE fans were quick to point out that Owens has worked relentlessly towards his goals, even when some in the industry doubted his abilities.

Others noted that aiming "hot tweets" at a child is an all-time low.

Elhassan may have directing his tweet to Owens, or maybe it really was meant for his son, but either way, most can agree that taking a jab at an athlete immediately after achieving such a massive accomplishment is a low blow.

Regardless of Elhassan's intent, one thing is clear: Kevin Owens won the WWE Universal title and his son couldn't be happier about it.


[H/T Cagesideseats.com]